Monday, 2 November 2009

Landsend 1/11/09

I had intended to fish Trinity this weekend, but the weaher forecast prompted me to book into Tony's match at Landsend. As it happens, the weather wasn't quite as bad as predicted.

I drew peg 11, a peg with recent form, so wasn't too disappointed, Dean Malin gave me a few tips on how to fish it, which aprt from one of the lines, weren't too far from my own thoughts on it.

I'd brought worm and caster, to fish for silvers along with corn & pellet for carp. I set up a 3x8 stot rig for across to the island, a 6x8 stot rig for open water and a wire stemmed rig for if the bites proved finicky. A 2x8 stot margin rig completed the line up, although I couldn't get anywhere near the pallet of peg 12, due to the huge leave raft that had blown into the corner.

Following Dean's advice I fed the island and an open water line, starting on the open water line. After 10 minutes, the float slid under and a skimmer around the lb mark became the first fish of the day. Another missed bite and then the line went dead,Dean had commented on the amount of liners I'd probably get from either line,thse certainly weren't happening.

I switched to the island, another 20 minutes without a bite on either pellet or corn, back to the open water line and at 11 o'clock, after an hour, the float shot under and a 6lb carp had taken the 8mm pellet, next drop in, a foul hooker that was lost as it sped towards the aerator at warp speed. Dropping in again saw a 3lb carp landed and the thought that I was in for a good day.

That was it, no more fish from the open water, I managd only 1 fish from the island all day, a chub that was foul hooked in the pectoral fin. The leaves did eventually blow away from the pallet of peg 12, this produed a couple of small roach and perch to maggot and a carp around 3lb to worm, this one also hooked in the pectoral fin.

Did I blow it? The guy on peg 9 lost loads of foul hookers, the weights from both sides of the lake at my end weren't good ( I weighed 15lb odd, peg 9 DNW and peg 13 beat me by an ounce), had the wind moved the fish down the lake? The fish just didn't seem to be there in any numbers, the occasional look in with maggot resulted in no bites on the island line or minute roach in the open water.

Guess I should have gone to Trinity........

1st. Tony Rixon,peg 36. 136.04lb
2nd Dean Malin peg 24 58.11 lb
3rd Alan Oram peg 32 52.02lb
4 th Gary Wall peg 29 46.10lb
5 th Andy Bryant peg 22 46.07lb
6 th Dave Evans peg 21 38.13lb

Silvers - John Bradford peg 27 26.14lb

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Mike Nicholls said...

During the Autumn the Match Lake fishing tends to drop off a bit with the fish shoaling up, in areas where there are less leaves in the water. I think Mike needs to cut the tree line back away from the water.

True I rather fish peg 18 than buy a round!!