Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bullock Farm, Thursday 25th March 2010

I had arranged to meet Paul (Faiers) at Bullocks today, just to finalise details for the Kev Perry series which starts on Sunday, as well as to have a sneaky practice. As I drove into Bullocks, the man himself, Kev Perry was driving out, off to Plantation for a days fishing, he'd just been to pay Paul his series entry money.

I pulled into the car park, Paul and his Father-in-law were setting up on 21 & 22(proper lazy pegs, right next to the car....). There were three pleasure anglers on the lake, pegs 17,19 & 26 being occupied. I setteled for a short walk and a good peg, No 24 - well, is there any point in practising on a crap peg?

It looks like there are 28 signed up for the series, so we planned the pegging (no doubt someone will moan, its enevitable)and spent a few hours fishing. The guy on peg 17 was catching on the feeder, although by the time I'd tackled up and started fishing he seemed to stop catching, I always did wonder if chucking a 30g feeder into 2'6" of water and 1'6" of silt was a top method!!

I ended the day with between 25 & 30lb of silvers, (Fantails, crucians, tench and some lovely roach up to 14oz) and 1 carp that went about 1½lb. Paul had slightly less, but he had more carp than silvers.

Here's hoping the fish feed for the series, the lakes are now showing some colour, rather than the translucent black/green colour they have been recently.

If your coming to the series, see you Sunday.


Tim Ford said...

I thought I saw Kev Perry turn up on Plantation. Unfortunately he fished opposite me and the other side of the island so I couldn't see how he did.

Chris Fox said...

He had three carp and a decent net of skimmers, 4 of them at least 2lb.