Friday, 23 April 2010

Landsend 21/04/10

The title should read "Battered (again) at Landsend"

Its a venue that I have mixed feelings about, its mature enough to house a variety of species in pleasant surroundings, but it does resemble fishing in an outdoor swimming pool. I think my transition to commercials isn't complete, its just a shame roach don't live to 50 and aren't as tough as carp.....

I think my difficulties at Landsend are twofold, feeding and finding where on the steep island slope (apart from peg 19 I've yet to find a real shelf) to fish.

I set up a rig to fish hard pellet up to the island, two to fish at the bottom of the shelf, one for soft pellet, one for paste and a caster rig.

First put in, Adrian Bishop on peg 21 to my left had a fish, it took me a few minuites longer, but I did have two F1/Cruciany things from the island swim.
I then had a carp, which was 8lb or so and a couple more a bit smaler, all on the hard pellet. The next three hours were pretty unproductive and saw only one other fish come to the net. Each time I looked at Adrian I could see yellow elastic streaming from his pole. He was catching up into the vacant peg 20, shallow 3m away from the island. During those barren three hours I had two carp, one on soft pellet, one on maggot and two decent skimmers on soft pellet.

With two hours to go, I started seeing some fish activity against the island and in the last hour and a half, had 6 more carp to round the day off.

I'm not even sure what weight I had, either 76lb something or 76lb something + 6lb 4oz of silvers. I didn't bother to check, Adrian had virtually doubled my weight from the next peg, by catching in open water, shallow - I never had so much as a bite trying it.

1) Tony Whitcombe 160-02 peg32
2) Adrian Bishop 138.10 peg 21
3) Tony Rixon 128-14 peg 27
4) Phil Harding 108.09 peg 31
5) Jamie Dyte 98.15 peg 19
6) Dean Malin 98-10 peg 3

The fish are still shoaled up, a couple went home early, including venue expert Gary Wall, who couldn't buy a bite. That aside, this a venue that seems to resond to experience and I've a lot to learn.

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