Saturday, 18 September 2010

County Champs, Somerset Final

I just knew drawing 110 and winning on Thursday would be a bad omen for today.....

At least I haven't got to travel 'oop north, to an unknown venue. Peg 124 stuck to my hand from the draw tin, with Jacko on 125 for company, neither of us were confident and so it proved to be with three of us in a row (Nick Duckett on 126) struggling for bites and DNW.

It took 50 minutes to get a fish and that was by resorting to chucking the lead, I had two decent fish on meat short on the pole, one shallow on the waggler and four on the lead, seven fish that probably went 45lb. At the start I would have agreed to making it 6 hours, by 4 o'clock I was glad it was 5 hours.....

As for the results, I'd love to put names to the weights, but it seems that many of the competitors at Viaduct are inacapable of writing, perhaps its an 'in' Viaduct joke to fill your name in with the left hand (or RH for the kack handers), either that or they are all Doctors.... I'll try and decipher the weigh sheet, but don't take the names as gospel.

1) P Cauoulin (I bet thats not right...) 114.08 peg 131
2) Fred Roberts 106.06 peg 132
3) Tom Magnall 99.03 peg 119
4) Andy Power 91.04 peg 130
5) Dick Bull 90.12 peg 127
6) Roiand (???) 82.12 peg 113

Perhaps Paul and Steve could insist on block capitals being used on the weigh sheet.....

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