Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bullock Farm, Sunday 31st October 2010

I took my nephew who is just getting started fishing and mad keen down to Bullock Farm on Thursday, it fished pretty hard then, so I was sure today wouldn't be a red letter day - in fact most of the words uttered around the lake today were of the turn the air blue variety.

A hearty breakfast curtesy of Karen's cafe at Bullock's, then the draw which put me on peg 15, a peg with lots of options, but not much history of success. I have caught carp across to the back of peg 27 in the warmer weather, but wasn't hopeful today with the water being pretty clear and Pete Sivell's pole pushing back over their heads. Not that Pete had much option other than to break down three times, although he could tone down the bright red stripes on the butt section.

I started about 2/3 across towards the boards (which are mostly covered by a tree now)with a meagre feeding regime of very sloppy swim stim and pinkie. I also fed a caster line at 5m to my right. I had a couple of crucians (the new, small stockies, not the big old boys) and a goldfish, before a carp around the 1lb mark took the pinkie. A decent roach followed and then a carp around the 5lb mark, gently coaxed in on the 0.10 and size 20 6313. I was getting the odd bubble and indication on the float, another crucian and small hybrid were netted.

It all seemed to be going to plan, it was fishing hard and I was getting bites, when I lifted into a carp that the double 5 wasn't going to stop from reaching the tree and debris in front of the boards. That signalled the end of my match, as I pulled for a break, instead of the 0.10 or 0.11 mainline breaking, it seemed that the carp had snagged the elastic, which broke and disappeared at a rate of knots towards the tree, taking the PTFE bush with it.

I set up a new rig on 0.13 with an .011 hooklength matched with doubled 8 elastic and never had a bite on it, I also lost a fish from the margin adjacent to the pallet of 14,in another snag, that was my last action, either of the lost fish would have given me the section. 9lb odd was my sum total, which was all caught in the first half of the match.

The temperatures are forecast to hold up, with a little rain this week, which might give some hope to those on the Teams of Four next week, the lake definitely needs a bit of colour from somewhere.

1) P Elmes 35.01 peg 17
2) G Bedford 24.02 peg 8
3) G Calvert 22.07 peg 30
4) D Roper 21.14 peg 25
5) R Wooten 19.01 peg 31
=6) J Gray 12.02 peg 2
=6) T (lucky tench) Rixon 12.02 peg 12


The Silverfox said...


Chris Fox said...

Yes, Pinkie - you remember, those little maggots that last all winter - right up your street I'd have thought ;-)

Of course you won't need any on peg 17 or 24 of the match lake or 8 on North Pool........

Tim Ford said...

I'm fishing this match Sunday (though feel shite today) as it seemed a good choice for minimal effort. Looks like minimal fish too!