Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tony Rixon's Float Only Series. Viaduct, Sunday 28th August 2011

Three lakes in todays match, in which I am took a 'guest' spot. I was pretty convinced that Campbell was the place to draw, so wasn't at all surprised when unfancied 100 (Cary) stuck to my incompetent drawing hand.

I got to the peg, totally determind to be positive and fish for a win, this meant lots of feed, so no difficulty for me, its the days that measured, meagre feeding do my head in. I set up two waggler rods, both on 6lb sensor, with 0.18 hooklengths and 18 B960 hooks.

I set up several topkits, the main ones being 0.17 line, with a MW slim power for banded pellet, a MW paste float on 0.19 with a 14 Mustad paste hook. As I had time I also set up a shallow rig, a margin rig and another that would do for worm or meat.

The shout of all-in, saw me start on the waggler, as there were plenty of blows and swirls out near the middle of the lake, I hooked a fish in the first cople of casts and despite being fairly hooked, it wouldn't get it head up, before shedding the hook and seeing the float, hook etc end up 30' up a tree.

I'd love to be able to write a tale of how I sussed out how to keep fish coming at short intervals, it would be lies!! The pegs around me weren't setting any fires, so it was a case of getting down to business and trying to keep bites and fish coming. I persevered with the waggler, with a couple of looks over my pole lines - to no avail in the first 3 hours.

I ended up alternating between paste and waggler, taking 7 fish on waggler and 6 on the paste rig at 13m. I lost plenty of fish, most of which were foul hookers and as the all out sounded, I had 13 carp - shame they weren't of the 'normal stamp'.

At the weigh in, my 2 skimmers (accidental) weighed 2lb odd, the 13 carp went 107 odds for a total of 109.11. I was reasonably happy with that weight from the peg, although it was a long way short of framing - although it was enough for a section win and I think, 3rd on the lake.

No results today,please see Tony's blog

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