Sunday, 5 January 2014

Landsend Winter League, Sunday 5th January 2014

My turn to be on Match lake for this round, 7, 11 and 13 were all being talked up at the draw, Trigger drew peg 11 just before I got to the draw bucket, I picked up two stuck together, so rather than seperate and pick one, I dropped them back in and took another, peg 24.  It hasn't been the best area lately, but one consolation, it wasn't fished in yesterdays match.

I set up a NG gimp to fish at 14m into the open water, another NG gimp with a banded hook on, just in case.......  As there was plenty of time I set up a rig to fish up on the shelf of the RH end bank and a pencil float with No11's spread out, as there were odd fish moving whilst we were tackling up.

I fed the 14m line with caster, the RH end bank with caster and a line at 7m off to the left with micros and 4's.  First put in on the 14m line saw the float dink and a 5lb carp was safely netted, next drop in and another tiny dink on the float saw another fish in the net, this time an unseasonal tench.  The float  had to be dotted right down as the bites were the merest little dips.

It was still flat calm and no sign of the promised rain, topping up the 14m line brought another carp and then two more tench, one of which was a lovely golden colour, it all seemed to be going well and then the rain started, quickly followed by the wind, this killed off the 14m line.  I managed a crucian and a carp on maggot from the 7m line, a couple of small roach from the RH bank, before a carp took the double caster, this proved to be the only one from the shallower water.

I had to take a shot off the rig to see the float on the 14m line, which did produce one more carp and a decent perch, but the bites had slowed right up compared with the first hour.  The scales saw my silvers first and they went 10.10, for a silvers section win and silvers money by default, the carp went 33.15 for a total of 44.09 and second in section.  This now puts me on 3 silvers firsts and 3 section seconds for the series, next match is back to a free draw, so any of the 3 lakes.

As expected, Trigger made the most of peg 11 and won comfortably.

1) Craig Edmunds 143.01 peg 11
2) Tom Thick 95.00 peg 33
3) Ken Rayner 75.02 peg 31
4) Mark Poppleton 60.07 peg 20
5) Adrian Jefferies 54.07 peg 58
6) Gary O'Shea 45.00 peg 5
7) Chris Fox 44.09 peg 24


1) Gary O'Shea 14.04 peg 5
2) Ken Rayner 11.02 peg 31
3) Chris Fox 10.10 peg 24

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