Monday, 18 July 2016

Avalon Float Only Open, Sunday 17th July 2016

Really struggling lately to get my head round the way lakes are fishing and I must admit I was sat at Avalon today wondering if I would be enjoying the Huntspill more......

Whilst on many venues the winning weights are respectable, the back up weights are down for this time of year, with fish seemingly reluctant to get their heads down and feed, even late in the match, I know I'm not alone in thinking this.

I guess I have been a bit negative in feeding recently because of the lack of bites, but today I decided to go more positive and see what that would bring, as it couldn't be any worse than the dreadful run I've been on since May.

The draw saw me heading to peg 19, I don't know the venue that well, but its not the worst draw on the lake.  Two waggler rods set up, one at full depth with a couple of No8 droppers and a pellet wag to fish tight to the island, trying to cover options I had two full depth rigs set up, one to fish hard pellet and one for soft pellet/corn.  A shallow rig and a paste rig covered the open water options and I did set up, although not too confidently, a margin rig, as the shallowest water I could find close in was nearly 5'.

Bait tray was simple, 4,6 and 8mm pellets, soft pellets, paste and corn, on the all in I cupped 3 balls of GB at 13m with pellets and a few grains of corn in, just pellets in at 5m and then onto the pellet wag.  a great start, two fish in two chucks, before it started to go wrong big style, as always (in my experience) happens at thei venue, the fish move tight against the island, even with the feed deliberately dropped short. The next two chucks saw the float lost in underwater roots, I then hooked a decent fish which kited left and went solid in a snag, another float lost.  In my haste in setting back up and casting back out, I snagged again on the island and lost another float, today was getting expensive.....

I dropped back onto the 13 line with pellet and that was devoid of action, I swapped the pellet for corn and had three decent skimmers in 4 put ins, great, sussed it I thought, but that was to it, I never had another skimmer all match.  I tried the 5m line, but that was completely dead, I never saw as much as a bubble from that all match and never had a bite on it.  I reset up the waggler and switched to fishing the open water at the end of the island, this brought a decent fish to the net, but the activity that was there soon stopped after half a dozen casts.

Back to 13m and a fish on paste, then onto the deep waggler and a hard fighting ghostie fell to an 8mm pellet, I kept the odd fish coming by swapping between paste at 13m and pellet waggler.  I think chasing the crusiers that were off the end of the island has cost me, I should have just persevered with the 13m line and kept the feed going in, as feeding was essentiual to get a bite, even though they were few and far between.

I put 60.14 on the scales, I think that was 7th or 8th, it was one out of the money in the section and whilst that is better that my recent run, another 2 or 3 fish would have put me in second place - decision making has cost me, must stop chasing cruisers that aren't feeding!!!

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