Sunday, 14 January 2018

Ivy House Open, Saturday 7th January 2018

First match of the year and back to Ivy House, first visit for a while, not far any other reason than opportunity and the weekday traffic keeping me from attending the midweek matches.

13 of us here today, Andy decided to put everyone on one canal and I was happy with that, sometimes in winter too much room lets the fish back off into gaps.  The draw tin gave up peg 23 to me, an end peg, although it was mentioned it might be the wrong end....  Well, we'll see, so off to the peg and a fairly simple approach, maggots and pellets, a wire stemmed gimp to fish down the track, another slightly smaller to fish just up the far shelf and a rig top fish up the far shelf, although I wasn't convinced it would produce.

I was right about going up the far shelf, not a bite there, I spent the day between 3 lines, one at 2 o'clock which was a maggot line, another at 10 o'clock which I fed pellet and one just dragged 6"up the far shelf which was deeper down to the tree opposite and to my left.

The pellet line was a non starter and didn't give me a bite all day, I was hoping for a few skimmers on maggot, but they were not playing and I kept working away to get small carp from 1oz up to about 8oz, they weren't coming fast and I had a spell of nearly two hours without a bite.  I did have a hybrid about 2lb and was hopeful for more, but the silvers were either not at this end or had shut up shop.

A couple more fish in the last half hour, including the biggest carp of the day at about 2lb saw me weigh 13.12 for 4th on the day and one out of the money, so 2018 starts as 2017 ended.....  As predicted, the other end produced the winner, but it was nice to back out.

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