Thursday, 15 May 2008


April saw the much needed improvement in my results, Wed 2nd saw me on Withy Pool at Bathamptons Huntstrete complex. I drew a corner peg, 41 and didn't fancy it for carp, so I set up a waggler and some pole rigs for a silver fish day. The roach were up in the water and I weighed 17lb 6oz of quality roach and hybrids, to qualify for the Carps AC silversmania final. One carp taken on the roach waggler set up took my total to 22lb 15oz and fourth place.

Saturday 5th had me heading to viaduct for the fish o mania qualifier, I drew peg 20 on Spring ( peg 19 won it the last two years) thw guy on 19 had the sky cameras interview him because of the pegs previous record - no pressure there then. Spring didn't fish, it was very clear at the start then an algae bloom during the day sent it pea green. I had a few skimmers, a couple more than peg 19, which I didn't bother to weigh.

Sunday 6th heralded the start of Clevedon 's spring series, as I couldn't commit to the series, I fished this as an open, drawing peg 32 on the main lake at Plantation Fishery. A strange day, with sunshine and several brief snow showers, this didn't stop the lakes large head of carp feeding up in the water, although I couldn't get them unless I fished tight to the island. Kev Perry showed the way (as he often does on this venue) winning with 63lb 5oz, mostly taken on the pole. My waggler caught net of 46lb 13oz was just enough to take second place from Glen Calvert who weighed 45lb 8oz of feeder caught carp.

Sunday 13th - Kev Perry series match 3. this saw me drawn on peg 21, a peg which I've had good weights off of pleasure fishing, Paul drew 24, a noted peg. Well we managed just over 2.5Kg each and once again were 5 & 6th in the section. Series definitely blown now.....

Sunday 20th was the second round of the Clevedon spring series, again on Plantation main lake.
I drew peg 23 and must admit I didn't fancy it to compete with the island pegs. I tried for two hours to get a carp on the pellet waggler and didn't get so much as a liner, I decided to switch tactics and fish the shallow margin in front of the empty peg 22. I landed 7 carp ( lost 5) and was left ruing not trying it earlier, as I took third place with 38lb 4oz, the paste seems to pick out the bigger fish on this lake, Lance Tucker won with 45lb.

The last Sunday of the month saw me back at Bullock Farm for the 4th round of the Kev Perry series. This week saw another free draw and a fairly decent draw, peg 26, Faiersy fancied peg 17 and got it!! I struggled to catch for the first hour, there didn't seem to be any crucians or roach in the peg, I decided an out and out carp attack was the way to go, fishing paste long against the rushes and boards and catmeat to the RH margin rushes. Well, I hooked enough fish to win it, but they dive under the boards as soon as you hook them, I ended the match with 16.550Kg, second in the section and 7th overall. (24.000Kg from Mike Ferguson was enough to win it)

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