Friday, 16 October 2009

The Best Laid Plans......

.... OK, the title is a bit of an oxymoron where I am concerned, being one of the least organised and forward planning men in the country.

On Thursday evening, I was in position to book a match on Sunday (having worked 7 nights, then 6 days and being bloody knackered), I also wanted the latest info on the Kenn (the venue of Sundays match - a charity event) so rang Paul Faiers. He hadn't fished the river this week, but was planning to have a session today (Friday). I was up for a practice and told him, I'd see him there.

My 13 days of long shifts had their toll and I awoke just after 09.00, so I'd be a bit late, not to worry. Once the two spoonfuls of Nescafe had started coursing around the veins, I loaded the car and then picked up on the news that the M5 was closed for a 30 mile stretch - this wasn't good news - any M5 closure ends up with Bristol gridlocked.

As I set off, more in desperation to get a few hours on the bank, rather than in hope of a fruitful practise, it soon became apparent, that my quest to get across town for maggots and casters was doomed. I called in the local shop (Bill Pugh on Red Lion hill) and he had no maggots, the delivery lorry was stuck in the traffic chaos. So, was it back home and spend a few hours tying rigs and then an early visit to the pub?? ..... No, the fishing took precedent, after so many days at work and I bought a ticket for Huntstrete.

This entailed a visit home, the gear in the car was all for tackling the Kenn, grabbing some micro pellet and expanders, sorting out the rig boxes and changing direction to Huntstrete, saw me arrive about 11.50.

In total laziness, I choose peg 20 on Bridge, its an easy walk and there was no one too close - or so I thought.

I'll take this off at a tangent, why do the 'carp' anglers feel the need to erect tent cities, when the lake is only open from 07.30 - 18.30, why do they think its acceptable to cast into a peg (ie. over half way) that is occupied. Why is it acceptable for me to pay my annual and daily fee, which I have no problem with, yet I only ever fish my peg, usually with a pole, but not exclusively. Although, always only one rod (or pole) in the water at one time.

The angler on peg 16 today was fishing peg 15 and peg 17 (these two pegs are quite far apart due to the shape of the lake) he did not have a bait in his own peg. I can appreciate that pleasure fishing does not have the same rules as match fishing, but where the bolt rig cowboys are concerned they can fish any swim in the lake from their peg.

Enough moaning, I tried to turn the session into a learning exercise, as I find expander pellet, a bait I struggle with. It took ¾ hour for the peg to get going, the first fish being an immaculate conditioned 5 or 6lb vermin of the common variety.

The next 3½ hours saw me net a few skimmers (the intended quarry). a nice bonus Tench and another vermin that took 17 minutes to land on white hydro, although the fat water pig was in excess of 10lb.

The lack of a single maggot or caster saw my final net, devoid of roach, but it was decent enough net of skimmers, bolstered by the bonus,late season Tench add up to about 12lb, the water pigs which ruined the peg at various points through the day, added another 30lb.

Once I got home I rang Paul, to see how he'd got on on the Kenn, what had happened only helped to confirm my thoughts for Sunday, the river is gin clear, Saturday night is due to be frosty, with bright sunshine on Sunday.... anyone got any spare B & J ??

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