Friday, 22 January 2010

On the bank at last

Just a quick thank you to those who have messaged or rung with condolences, special thanks to Kev Perry, who spent a long time on the phone one evening. Dads funeral was Tuesday the 19th, he was not a fisherman, but took me all over the Bristol Avon and Somerset area when I was a youngster. He was a bowler and held office with Somerset County and was very proud to be a a member of the Barbarians.

It was great to get back on the bank today, for the first time since 3rd Jan, I decided that Huntstrete would offer as good a chance as any, of catching a fish or two, so renewed my Bathampton ticket and bought a pint of maggots and a pint caster.

The forecast was for grey and overcast, but when I got up and took the dog for a walk, I was surprised to see the ice in the fields. Back home for a leisurely breakfast, couldn't see the point in rushing off after a night below freezing.

Arriving at Huntstrete, I could see that Bathampton have been busy, with trees being cut down around the complex. I could see the wind pushing across the main lake, so opted for a shelterd peg on Bridge Pool, No 20 is a lazy sods peg and well sheltered from the wind, so that was my choice.

I had some corn and pellet in the bait bag, but it was only along for the ride, as I fully intended that the pint caster was the main feed, with the maggot for hook bait and the odd offering in amongst the caster. The pole was to stay in the bag, the water was fairly clear, so I set up a 13' Normark Microlight, a TDR 2508 reel loaded with Xedion 0.14 line and a 2AAA crystal wagggler. hooklength was 0.07 (or 1lb) powerline attached to a No 24 swivel, with a 24 Gamma Green hook.

The water temp was 4°C, so I was fairly surprised to get a roach first put in. Peg 20 has a few variations in depth, as it is level wth the end of the island, the end of the island protrudes out into the water a fair distance as a sloping bar, I had fed so the caster was falling near the bottom of the slope, hoping to attract roach and skimmers.

Caster didn't produce any better fish than maggot and involved a longer wait for bites, if I had fished the pole, I may have had a few more fish, but I enjoyed the session on the waggler. The fish never went mad, I had bites throughout the day, the highlight being a 4lb+ seasonal tench, along with skimmers, hybrids, roach, perch and rudd, to make up a mixed bag of about 8lb.

Roll on next Wednesday, when I can fish a match...

Todays Catch

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The Silverfox said...

Not a bad catch from probably the worse peg on the lake. Walk further next time!