Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Landsend, Wednesday 17th November 2010

The BBC weather forecast wasn't too good, heavy rain and high winds, so I plumped for Landsend today, as the trees would hopefully give some shelter. As usual. the BBC forecast was over dramatic, light rain and some breeze was all we experienced (or was that the trees doing their job??).

Match and Speci lakes in today, my dip into the swimcards brought me peg 21, I was surprised by the clarity of the water, the frosts of the last few days have obviously done their worse.

I set up two rigs, both Malman winter wires, a 4x14 on 0.13/0.11 and a 16 6313 for soft pellet/double caster and a 4x12 on 0.11/0.09 and a 20 6313 for single caster or maggot, these were matched to double 6 and double 5 elastic respectively.

I fully intended to fish really tight and sensible for silvers...... but got a bit waylaid. I started fishing at ¾ the way across, straight in front, feeding caster, I also fed a line at 2 o'clock with micro and a couple of expanders. A roach a chuck for the first four chucks on caster then it slowed down, an odd fish after that, then after 45 mins I had a look over the micro, the float shot under and I lifted into a large leaf - how do they give such positive bites??

Back onto the caster line, but I was getting lured by the large shapes, several of them ghosties, that were swimming along the far shelf, to be accurate they were swimming just off the shelf about 12" deep. I stuck at the caster line and was rewarded with a carp, but then it went dead. I put another couple of sections on and pushed across to the bottom of the shelf, this resulted in two carp in two put-in's, happy days. Then two foul hookers in the next two put-in's, both of which came off.

This resulted in the peg going very quiet, I had looked up the shelf to where the carp had been showing themselves, but everytime I went near the shallow water with the pole, they disappeared - I'm not surprised, the water was very clear. Its then I had the soup disaster, I poured a full cup of tomato soup and then managed to knock it between the side tray and my box. The result made the side of my box, the pallet and a few bit and pieces under the box, look like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre - what a waste of Heinz's finest.

I had a walk up to Tony Rixon, he was catching silvers, the lake was fishing pretty hard, so after a decent time to rest my peg after the two lost foulers, I returned and carried on, adding a couple more perch and roach to the silvers net, but not a sign of another carp, apart from one lone ghostie who was patrolling the far shelf, but didn't seem to be feeding.

I didn't have anothe bite on soft pellet, so the leaf was my only end product for that, my silvers went 4lb+ and the three carp went 17lb+ for a weight of 21lb+, not enough on the day to frame.

The Speci lake provided four of the top six, but even that was a struggle.

1) Chris Davis 48.04 peg 31
2) A Clark 35.14 peg 32
3) Kev Molton 30.02 peg 24
4) A Jones 29.00 peg 33
5) Martin Lengahan 26.05 peg 19
6) Tim Ford 25.12 peg 35


1) Tim Ford 25.12 peg 35
2) Tony Rixon 21.00 peg 17

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