Thursday, 18 November 2010

Viaduct Costcutter. 18th November 2010

13, unlucky for some was the number for todays Viaduct Costcutter Open, all pegged on Campbell, which like many other venues has seen the colour drop out over the last week or so - although Cary appeared to be holding a bit more colour.

Todays dip into the hat, (not exactly a hat, Paul Greenwood, pleading poverty as its a Costcutter, put the unstapled swimcards face down on the counter)peg 126 was my reward. I wasn't disappointed, as Saturday before last, Ray Hayward won from this peg, trebling my weight from 115 which is nearly opposite, so an opportunity to see if I was that far behind, or did the peg have some influence on the result.

I had brought some 8mm cubed meat and if I hadn't had 3 pints of caster left over from yesterday that would have been all. The caster tempted me to set up a rig to fish it and mix some groundbait - I might as well not have bothered, a quick look on this line saw some micro roach which bumped off the doubled 8 elastic.

I fancied the waggler and meat to produce a few fish, I didn't think that they'd come close due to the water clarity and that proved to be the case, the 14.5m line I tried with meat on the pole, to no avail, not so much as a liner. The wind and subsequent surface skim put paid to decent presentation on the waggler for all but the first and last hour. 6 fish falling to the lead and 5 to the waggler,

The straight lead was on 6lb Daiwa TDR reel line and a 0.17 hooklength with a 16 PR36 hair rigged, the waggler had 4lb sensor reel line, a 0.15 hooklength and a 18 B911 buried in the meat - although this changed to a 0.15 and a PR36 18 hair rig after a duck took the meat on the 18 B911 and at full flight towards Somerton Town Centre managed to snap the hooklength.

Before and after the match I tried to draw some info on feeding at this time of the year, but all I spoke to were very cagey or claimed to be as clueless as myself - not sure about that!!. I started on the lead, not feeding at all, just a tiny liner or two to show for that, three cubes of meat fed and the waggler produced 6 or 7 consecutive bites resulting in 3 fish in the net. I upped the feed and had two more, then endured a quiet spell - too much feed??

Switching between the lead and the waggler for the rest of the match (as the wind and surface skim allowed) I managed 11 Carp and 1 Brown Goldfish, I guess I used about 1/3 of a tin of meat.

I could see that 111 had a few fish, John Green on 115 had take a few on the lead - no silvers for John today!! and Colyn Dyer had a few on 112, I thought my fish were of a better stamp and so they proved to be, 60lb 10oz being enough to take topspot.

1) Chris Fox 60.10 peg 126
2) John Green 50.02 peg 115
3) D White 46.12 peg 128
4) P Homewood 44.10 peg 111
5) Colin Dyer 43.10 peg 112
6) J Williams 30.13 peg 123


1) John Bradford 14.00 peg 110
2) C Pinker 10.04 peg 125
3) J Williams 9.06 peg 123

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