Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lunacy at Landsend, Wednesday 8th December 2010

Eight hardy souls (or bloody lunatics) braved the icy conditions to fish Landsend today. I arrived and there was already an advance ice breaking party, Dean was throwing a 30lb dumbell in to break the ice, which was over 2" thick in places. Some pegs were thicker than this and left alone, it would probably take Mike to get down there with the slew machine to break some of it.

Three corners in, as 11/12 were in the corner which was thick to break, but I managed to pull peg 3, not my favourite peg on the lake, but if we'd catch at all was more relevent than what would be a decent peg in normal conditions. It's thanks to Tim Clark that I got there at all, the alternator packed up on my van last week and Tim came out in the ice and snow last Friday to fit a new one - thanks Tim.

I managed to finish off Dean & Tony's good work, breaking myself a LH margin and a channel in front. Tony had peg 5 drawn for him and was soon into a small hybrid, I followed this with a roach on pinkie and thought that I'd get a few bites, that was the only one for a long time. About 11.30 I got my thermometer out and put it about 15" deep into the water, the water temp was probably the coldest I've ever fished, at 0.5°. Tony was catching odd perch by swapping from in front to his margin, whilst a few others were blanking.

The cat ice kept forming over the clear area, meaning constant clearing, all the while I still could not get a bite, at around 1pm, Mike Duckett appeared, bearing gifts of hot coffee and twix bars, very much appreciated, thanks Mike. I managed two small perch from the margin, as by just after 2pm the channel in front was unfishable. The general consensus was that the 4pm finish was overly optimstic, as the lake would be frozen over again by then, the air temp was -2°.

So with everyone agreeing, well nearly everyone, Dean was sitting it out for a carp - thats real optimisim - the match was shortend to a 3.30pm finish, at 20 past I landed fish No4 and my best perch, but I was a long way behind Tony, John Bradford on peg 1 who foul hooked a chub (not that I'm bitter...)and Matt Tomes on peg 7. I was determind to weigh in, as I'd sat there, but I knew there'd be no beer tokens for tonight.

I do wonder as to the sanity of going fishing in these conditions, but its better than working.

1) Tony Rixon 5.12 peg 5
2) Matt Tomes 3.12 peg 7
3) Alan Oram 2.13 peg 21
4) John Bradford 1.10 peg 1 (Did I mention that was a foul hooked chub and 1 2oz perch!!)
5) Chris Fox 13oz peg 3
6) DNW

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JohnL said...

Happy Christmas Chris, hope you have a good year in 2011