Thursday, 28 April 2011

Viaduct Wednesday Open, 27th April 2011

After a couple of section wins in my last two visits, I was looking forward to this, but a bit apprehensive as to how it would fish after all the spawning action on Monday. Campbell & Cary being the two lakes in, once again 3 baits in the bag, pellet, meat & paste. Out of the tin came 126, not a bad draw, but it is in the middle of the lake and with a constant wind blowing down the lake, would the fish be there.

I had company on 127, but 125 was empty, with Dean Malin on 124, Steve Kedge was opposite and to my right on 115, fishing for silvers short, so the fish had a big area of water, sometimes its good, sometimes bad, as they get somewhere to back off into.

There were fish cruising round before the start, I was unsure if they'd stay within pole range, so set up a waggler and a lead rod, as well as shallow & full depth pellet rigs, a paste rig, and two meat rigs, one for the margin, one for 6m.

I managed to mug one fish at the all-in, with out feeding, but they backed off beyond pole range into the gap between Dean & myself. I think I confused myself by having too much set up, switching between lines, baits and methods trying to get bites. The angler on 127 was catching on the lead, so I followed suit, I had a couple of fish, but at nowhere near the rate he was catching. I tried the margin, two tench in two put ins, great, I'll fish for them, except that was the end of my silvers action.

I eneded up catching a few shallow in the last 3/4 hour, but it was too little too late and I'd caught one or two on meat at 6m, pellet at 14m, the lead and those I had shallow. The waggler only produced a couple of lost foulers, I bought a new reel (a Preston Inception 4000 to try out) and after two matches have yet to christen it with a fish, I may have to chuck it in the lake if its a jinx.

With 20 minutes to go, I knew I'd been well beaten, by the winner on 127 who had 30+ carp and some silvers to my 12 carp and 2 tench. Dean had persevered with the pole and had at least a 1/3 as much again as I had, so I packed up and tipped back around 65lb.

At least the Royal Wedding Fridays match is pole only, limiting in one way, but it makes you work at what you've got, I must do better on that one. As predicted, I was well and truly beaten by the 170+ weight, which came mainly on the lead from my RH side.

1) P Greening 171.9 peg 127
2) A Murray 154.12 peg 132
3) T Rixon 139.6 peg 119
4) N Collier 138.14 peg 129
5) Scott Russel 138.4 peg 114
6) Charlie Barnes 116.13 peg 111

1) N Collier 38.14

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