Sunday, 10 July 2011

Viaduct Open, Saturday 9th July 2011

I'd love to write a comprehensive account of a interesting, competitive match, sadly I can't. Viaduct has been in good form this spring and summer and the top weights from this match will look good, but the weather or whatever put the fish off feeding made this one on Carey and Lodge, a grueller for many.

I drew peg 90, the wind was blowing into the corner and I hoped for a decent day, there should be fish there, following the wind in. Usual set ups, a waggler rod to fish at depth, a lead rod and pole rigs to fish the margin and pellet at 14.5m.

Suffice to say, as I've already mentioned grueller, after 2½ hours, I had one skimmer on the lead, then another on the waggler, the margin appeared devoid of fish, as did the open water in front of me. There was some fish blowing, I was convinced it was skimmers, so I opened a tin of corn and tried that at 12m, first put in resulted in a 4-5lb common, then nothing.

I kept feeding and working at all the lines, Phil Cardwell packed up on 88 and went, perhaps he had the right idea. Towards the end I managed a couple of decent Tench on meat in the margin, along with one other carp around the 4lb mark, there were three weigh in in my section (88-99) two silvers weights and only one carp weight. My two carp probably would have gone 9lb, but they went back, the silvers went 11.02, easily my worst perfomance on Viaduct during the 'pellet allowed' season.

1) Tom Mangall 144.10 peg 44
2) Steve Jackson 127.11 peg 105
3) Ray Hayward 104.15 peg 66
4) Craig Edmunds 98.03 peg 100
5) Ryan Jordan 77.04 peg 97
6) Terry Lenny 72.04 peg 69


1) John Green 30.05 peg 85
2) Barry Fitchew 25.15 68
3) Jamie Parkhouse 23.13 peg 70

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