Sunday, 11 September 2011

Trinity Waters, Avon Angling Open Sunday 11th sept. 2011

Woodland Lake was the venue for todays match, with 20 in the draw bag. I managed to pull out 27, I'm sure that I'll be paying concil tax on that section of bank soon, as I seem to draw it in every match. I intended to fish for skimmers and then switch, if the carp came along, but I did set up a pellet waggler to start on, just in case thecarp were up in the water and hungry.

I also set up a cage feeder to fish for skimmers if the wind got too bad, as well as two 1.5g modified jolly floats, to fish at 12m on the deck, one on 0.17 with a B960 on 0.16 for banded pellet another on 0.16 with a 16 63.13 for worm, dead maggot or 4mm devils spawn. I also set up a .4g sensas pencil float on 0.14 / 0.12 with a 18 carp maggot to fish caster short. Lastly I set up a margin rig, in case the carp moved in, as they can do on the lodge lake bank.

On the all-in, I cupped in some groundbait CW&C and left it for ½ an hour, having a look on the pellet waggler, to no avail. I dropped a worm segment over the 12m line and had one small skimmer, they didn't seem to be feeding. I tried dead maggot and had another skimmer, but the bites weren't forthcoming. A quick look on the short  line produced some very small roach, but al least it was bites. I wondered if the presentation was poor on the pole, as it was very windy, with a heavy tow, so the groundbait feeder was reluctantly put into action, just groundbait and dead maggot in the feeder and dead maggot on the hook. Second put in the tip twitched and steadily pulled round, initially I thought the heavy weight and steady thumps on the rod was a decent bream, but then it came to life and morphed into a 6lb carp.

Several more chucks with the feeder brought a couple of skimmers, but they were small, not worth the wait. I came back on the short line and started feeding hemp along with the caster, this increased the size of the roach, but also attracted the carp, which put the roach off. I kept chasing the roach, varying the depth from 6" to full depth at 6' to keep them coming, a 7lb carp took a liking to the single caster and ploughed up the near line.

Paul Elmes on 25 had a cracking time, a number 5 & 6 section both biting the dust in the windy conditions, I guess the overnight rain and the wind put the fish off feeding as the weights weren't huge, but it was a close & fair match, my persistence on the roach - much to Tony Rixon's disgust - paid off, giving me first in the silvers, with half the weight I expected to need.

1) Craig Edmunds 72.08 peg 7
2) Tony Rixon 66.00 peg 26
3) Chris Davis 59.07 peg 32
4) Dean Malin 57.05 peg 29
5) Rich Coles 57.03 peg 19
6) P Elmes 45.08 peg 25


1) Chris Fox 11.15 peg 27
2) Dean Malin 8.00 peg 29

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