Monday, 16 September 2013

MFS CL Match, Viaduct Campbell lake. Sunday 15th September 2013

Working what feels like 24/7, 7 days a week at the moment meant no preparation for this match, just as well the last match I fished was on the same lake, hopefully the same rigs would suffice and the waggler rod was already set up.

I assumed that it would be a bit of a fish race, so took 8mm, 11mm pellet, 8mm and 10mm meat.  As an after thought, I chucked a few slices of bread into a plastic bag.  It just goes to show that a bit of up to date information is essential, as the colour had dropped out and the fish had reacted to this.

I managed to pull out a short walk and I wasn't too upset with 112, although the match had been won from 125 the day before, for company on my left I had Roland Lucas who was also pleased with his draw, especially when 110 wasn't drawn.

I set up a lead rod, I had a few chucks with it in the first couple of hours, had a couple of tentative liners and one lost fish that I think was foul hooked, so it went where it usually does, up the bank and was forgotten about. I set up 4 topkits, one for the margin, which didn't produce a bite, so no more about that. A meat rig to fish at 6m, 0.2g MW slim to fish pellet at depth, but with a slow fall, at 14m and a paste rig, that did not get used,  A full depth waggler completed the set up.

I started on the waggler and it took 15 minutes before my first fish was netted, a lively common about 4lb, another half an hour on the wag produced nothing, so a quick look on the meat line produced a 7lb fish, but that too was a lone fish. After 2 hours I had another 4lber on the wag, making 15lb in two hours, not a good start, but I wasn't alone in struggling.

I got off my box, had a rummage in my gear and found a box of 6mm pellets, staring a new line at 14m towards 113, the 6mm produced an almost immediate result, 2 fish in two put ins, I had a run of fish taking me to about 60lb, before this line died off.  it was if the fish had moved through the peg, feeding as they went.  By now there was the odd bubble from the meat line, so I dropped in on that, feeding 4 pieces of meat through a tosspot, this produced several 8lb fish before a fouler killed the line off.  Back on the waggler and a fish straight away, then another, before a fouler (I assume) ripped the rod round, snapping the main line just above the hooklength ( I think it went over a sharp fin or something). With 15 minutes left, I went back on the 14m line and tangled the rig, so it was the meat line left, which saw another 8lb fish take the meat seconds before the whistle, being safely netted a couple of minutes after.

I had clicked 55lb for one net and 51lb for the other, once again I was out on this lake, but not by too much, as my fish went 114.10 for third and a section win. It was a close match, one of the closest I think I have fished on this lake, which is how it should be. Some of the names below are MFS forum usernames, as I don't know their real names. I have gone down further than the usual 6 just to highlight how tight the match was, no silvers payout, but even so the top weight was 3.03, they didn't feed.

1) Snoose 122.01 peg 125
2) Roy Worth 115.08 peg 116
3) Chris Fox 114.010 peg 112
4) Dave Britain 110.03 peg 119
5) B Richards 106.15  peg 131
6) Poolfodder 106.10 peg 127
7) Roland Lucas 105.04 peg111
8) Maver Callum 105.01 peg 114
9) Merce 104.09  peg115

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