Saturday, 7 May 2016

Bank Holiday Open, Viaduct, Monday 2nd May 2016

After 7 long days at work and some stuff going on at home, I wasn't feeling bright and breezy at the draw, but the prospect of a day snaring Cary lumps ensured I turned up.  Once I opened the swimcard, I wished I hadn't, bloody Lodge car park bank again, 55 staring back at me.

I really didn't fancy it for a match win, didn't fancy sitting there for 6 hours and was of an inclination to jump in the van and go home, such was the black cloud that descended over me.  I changed my mind and whilst I couldn't bring myself to walk to that peg, I did go round to the Match lake and fish peg 42 to try out my new elastics and method of attaching rigs. These were yellow, black, green and red hollow from Keepnets Direct and attached as per the description in Paul Holland's youtube video.

I had a great days fishing, shame about the bloody torrential downpour, but carp to 8lb, F1's, big hybrids and skimmers were all falling to either meat short or pellet shallow and deep at 14.5m. 88lb on the clicker for carp/F1's and over 30lb of big hybrids and skimmers.  I was impressed with both the elastics and the method of attaching and now look forward to giving them a bit more of a try out.

As expected the match was won from Cary, so I felt a little vindicated in my decision, even though it was made through frustration and temper.

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