Monday, 15 August 2016

Acorn Costcutter, Tuesday 9th August 2016

Decided it was time to venture down to Acorn again, another good turnout and I made sure I was into the bag for my ping pong ball nice and early.  the marker pen numbers on the ping pong balls are pretty faded and it took a second or two to register that I had drawn 33, a bridge peg.  The thing that wasn't a surprise, was that Bobby 'Sicknote' Gullick who had struggled along after an operation to fish, was on 34 on the other side of the bridge.  Bob thinks that every peg on Acorn has a bridge, as he is always next to one!!

Since my last visit the islands have had a severe trim, so you no longer have to go round and clear an area to enable getting to the far bank,I did have to do a bit of trimming to be able to get down to the pallet of 32, which was unoccupied and it did look a good prospect for later in the match.

There is a new rule at the venue, the 70lb net limit is now strictly enforced with no tolerance, so over 70lb and lose the net. Best make sure I concentrate today then.

I didn't think down the track would produce so no full depth rig set up today, a rig to fish banded pellet tight over in about 10" of water, another to fish down on the second shelf in about 3' of water, also a paste rig for this depth. A margin rig to fish down to the pallet and a shallow rig to complete the set up.

I started across with a 6mm banded pellet and had a couple of fish in the first 10 minutes or so, but I wasn't catching as fast as Bob on 34, but he was toss potting micro's and fishing soft pellet - not my cup of tea, so I stuck with the banded pellet and started to get a little run of fish, they were definitely bigger than Bobs soft pellet fish and he ended up swapping to a banded pellet.  The fish were spooky though and the little run didn't last long and I was soon trying other lines to get bites.

There was no consistency, a bite or a fish from a line, then nothing, I hadn't gone down the edge yet, determined to leave that and let it settle given the jittery nature of the fish. The best line was tight across and I continued to take odd fish from there, Bob had a good run of fish and pulled away from me, he'd gone back on the micros and soft pellet, I had a look down the edge where I had perfect depth for GB/maggot and this was disappointingly barren.

The last hour the fish did show up in the margin and whilst it wasn't frantic, I was pulling back on Bob who had slowed down, I had to feed after every fish and sometimes again after 5 minutes without a bite to get another, so it was a bit slow, but they were bigger than the far bank fish, just not coming fast enough.

I thought I had 85lb and knew Bob had more, I was surprised when he said all his big carp were in one net and he once again lost a net at Acorn as he had 70.04 in one net - harsh rule, but that knocked him back from about 103lb to 30 odd, thankfully I didn't do the same and my 93.06 was enough for third, thanks Bob!!

1st  Steve Shaw on peg 15 with 107.10
2nd Jake Alden on 27 with 103.14
3rd Chris Fox on 33 with 93.6
4th Chris Ray on 5 with 93.1
5th Glen Bailey on 4 with 84.2
6th Norm Sterry on 18 with 70.3

Since this blog is a bit late, I have since heard a couple of days after Bob's wife has been taken quite poorly, so for all the banter and piss taking, which won't stop, I would like to wish Bob and Angela good luck and hope that they get the best possible outcome.

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