Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Landsend Open, Saturday 30th July 2016

With Viaduct hosting the Supercup and my need to get some practise in at Landsend, I decided to book in for this match, a bonus being that it was going to be on Match lake - I can never seem to draw it in matches spread over two or more lakes.

Into the tin and out comes 22, the murmurings were that it was too far down and 13 seemed to be coveted, we'll see and the peg usually holds a few skimmers, although the bright sun and flat calm lake didn't bode well for a day catching silvers.

Plenty of time to set up, so a rig to fish tight across, a shallow rig on a long line, which could also be swung to the far side in case the pole spooked them, a rig to fish soft pellet and one for banded, both on the deck, a rig to fish meat short and finally a margin rig, to fish down towards the empty pallet of 23, which was a perfect depth for maggot and GB.

Not much to write about the first 4 hours, I had one carp across on meat, no bites on pellet, no liners, nothing down the track, no bites on meat short, it was dire, I toyed with the idea of an early finish and a visit to the pub.  I did have a couple of skimmers short on dead maggot and a couple of perch.  I had been feeding the margin for 45 minutes before dropping in and getting a see through perch on 10 maggots, next put in a bigger perch, before finally, a decent carp. I had a decent run in the penultimate hour, putting 60lb in the net, I put a second next in at 4pm and that was a sign for the fish to bugger off.

I managed 4 more for just over 20lb in that net in the last hour, so smaller fish and less of them - why is it that putting that extra net in so often disrupts things,  I had to feed a full pot of GB and some maggots after every fish, dropping back in without feeding meant no sign of a fish.

In the end I was glad I stuck it out and managed third place and a welcome pickup.  The margin saved me, good job 23 was empty.

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