Monday, 9 August 2010

Float Only, Avalon. 8th August 2010

What a weekend, first game of the season Saturday and it was shocking, I'd rather have been fishing, turned over 3-0 by Millwall. Never mind, Sunday to look forward to, another guest appearance in Tony Rixon's float only series. Avalon had thrown up some good weights in the last couple of matches, I wasn't convinced that it would do so with the pressure of 50+, but I still thought we'd get a days fishing.

Peg 8 on the top lake stuck to my mitt and it looked OK when I got to it, a clear patch across to chuck the waggler in and as peg 7 wasn't drawn, plenty of open water for the pole. I set up a shallow waggler and one at full depth, a paste rig, a MW pellet float to fish banded pellet at 7 & 16m and a rig to fish meat in the margin.

I had a pretty little ghostie mirror in the first 20mins, when I hooked it I thought it had snagged me, but it came free. I soon found what it had gone into, two seperate lots of line, one that was caught in the bushes and stretched back towards me, it stopped about 13' short of the bank meaning I was unable to get rid of it. The worse one was a big loop of ridiculously heavy line that looped from the RH side of the peg to the LH, both ends snagged up one on the island, one in the reeds.

By the time I had lost 3 shalllow wagglers and one full depth float, I was ready to pack up, but it was fishing hard so I switched to a new line further along the bank, the only problem with this, was it was devoid of fish. I could see the reeds moving where I was losing tackle at a rate to bring a big smile to Tony Rixon's face (Kerrching, goes the tackle shop till), but none where I had to cast. I'll have to spend Monday tying hooks, my hook boxes are virtually empty, with the snagged line accounting for most of them. Why haven't some anglers got the decency to tell Leigh or Vic that they've snapped off at the reel and left yards and yards of line snagged on the island, it's happened to all of us at some time or another, but at least if the fishery owners know about it, they can remove it.

The pole line was totally dead, I tried potting in bait, I tried catapulting it, I tried 8mm & 4mm pellet, I tried meat and even found an old pepperami in the bottom of my bait bag and tried this in the margin, on the pole, as well as shallow and full depth on the waggler. I didn't see a single bubble, no change in colour of the water, no movement, in fact nothing to suggest that there was any fish on either of the pole lines. I didn't have a bite, not even a liner.

Thye sum total of the days efforts were 3 carp for 12lb odd, all on the shallow waggler(from 5 bites!!), I'd walked down to Tim Ford at the beginning and there were fish moving, rolling and blowing at that end of the lake, it was like a jaccuzzi in front of Tim Clark and that was ¾ of an hour before the start, no surprise that the top three weights on the lake were pegs 10,11 & 12, with the rest of the lake struggling for bites.

I didn't stay for the results, it had been a long enough day as it was, so see Tony's blog for the results:


The Silverfox said...

Best thing for pepperamiis to eat it. By the way was it the mild or hot? I prefer the hot with my pint!

Tim Ford said...

Chris, having seen the line mess in your peg you had every right to moan on Sunday. Terribly frustrating. You're right the fish were down at my end of the lake, but they didn't want to feed!

Chris Fox said...

The pepperami was a hot one, sell by date of 2007, it was in my bag from the last time I fished the Durleigh Festival.