Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Viaduct Open. Wednesday 11th August 2010

Viaduct was the venue of choice today, given my matches /money pick up ratio, it looks like I need to keep coming back. Today was a new challenge, Lodge lake, I've never fished it before, but it seems that its a smaller version of Cary, with some lumps in and plenty of skimmers. With the usual silvers specialists in attendance, I decided to target the carp regardless of where I drew and when peg 55 presented its self, I was informed that it wasn't a good silvers peg - so no concerns there.

A bit uncertain what to do for the best, so I set up a bomb rod, two wagglers, one shallow, one full depth and a range of topkits. A paste rig for the open water, a simple Big H float on 0.19 line to a mustad paste hook, no shot on the line. A blob on the same line and hook for paste in the margin. A MW slim power to fish pellet in open water and a Malman Thicko for pellet/meat in the margin. As there were so many fish cruising around before the start, I also set up a shallow rig in case I could mug one or two.

I started on the full depth waggler, without feeding initially, then only lightly, as all the cruising fish had gone from within pole reach by the all-in, it took half an hour or so before I had a carp 4 or 5lb. I had one other bite on the waggler, before giving up and dropping onto the pole line at 15m, that I'd fed with groundbait and 8mm pellets. This gave me a 6lb carp and a skimmer around the 2½lb mark, before going quiet. Jacko was on peg 69, he'd struggled to get out of his van, bad back plaguing him, he 'd had a couple of fish on the lead (as well as providing a diverse range of ow's and moans each time he had to net a fish - somewhat similar to Dean's adult education video, I assume - see Tony's blog).

So I tried the lead, I had a fish on it fairly quickly, but then nothing, so quickly got bored of it and chucked it up the bank, a quick look down the margin saw meat being stripped from the hook by tiny fish and likewise paste. Meat saw a similar fate on the long line, so tried banded pellet, nothing. It was now halfway through and I stretched my legs visiting the loo and the shop for a sausage roll (bad news being pegged that close to the shop when the fishing gets boring).

With two hours to go I had my one and only bite from the margin, within 30 seconds of dropping the paste in, the blob buried and another 6lb fish was in the net, nothing else from the margin, even though I tried it frequently until the end.

I managed a couple of double figure fish from the 15m line on paste in the penultimate hour and knew a good run could see me pick up money, as the lake was fishing hard, unfortunately, nothing would coax the carp to get their heads down. We'd had Charlie Barnes, the speaking clock, reporting regularly how long since his last bite, with Paul Greenwood knocking 5 minutes off each time (in between mocking Jacko, with echo's of Jacko's cries of pain).

I was hopeful of a section pick up, as peg 59 had been catching and was odds on to frame, my main rival was Lewis Greenwood, who had 5 fish to my 6, I'm a crap judge of fish size and thought I had 35-40lb, Lewis thought he might have had me, as his 5 were a decent size. As it turned out, my 6lb or 7lb fish were more like 12lb and I had a welcome pick up of section money by default, as the winner was peg 59, with 136-11. A few DNW's and the silver bashers were treated to a day remeniscent of a winter league. I blame Charlie Barnes, when ever he's at a match I fish, it seems to fish hard, I reckon he was at Avalon last Sunday in disguise.........

1) M Prenks (I reckon thats totally wrong, but I can't read his writing on the weigh sheet) 136-11 peg 59
2) M Levy 75.05 peg 64
3) S Jackson (lead chucker...) 67-14 peg 69 (section winner)
4) C Fox 50.01 peg 55 (section winner)
5) G Powell 39.12 peg 68
6) L Greenwood 37.04 peg 53 (beat his old man by 32.13......)


1) C Barnes 9.09 peg 70
2) J Green 8.02 peg 60
3) G Powell 5.09 peg 68
4) P Greenwood 4.07 peg 71
5) C Fox 2.07 peg 55

Finally, the Thatchers rent boy has discovered girls and sex on a recent trip to Ibiza, his tackle is reputed to be up for sale as he now intends to spend his time wooing the young ladies of Shepton Mallet and surrounding area's, before seducing them. This was compounded by his DNW today, Jacko pleaded with him not to sell his tackle as a complete kit to someone....... as it would set them back 5 years.

Apparently he's going to spend the money he saves on match entries, on prostitutes..... I'm no expert but I guess they'd be ropey old hags for 25 quid!!

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