Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Avalon Sunday 1st August 2010

Didn't fancy the Huntspill, so I managed to squeeze into this sell out on Avalon. The draw bag gave me peg 19, one away from my last visit. I could see plenty of carp moving across by the island when I got to the peg, I set up a waggler to fish shallow and another at depth, first chuck with the at depth waggler to clip up, saw me hook a 5lb+ fish that took the pellet band - shame it was an hour too early.....

I set up a paste rig and a lead rod as well. First put in after the whistle and I had a fish on the shallow waggler, that was it, no more, they backed off so tight to the island, they were only feeding on the pellets within an inch or so of the waterline. I had one fish at full depth, two on the lead to give me four fish in the first hour. I would have been hppy to keep that rate up, as 24 fish would certainly frame, just a shame I couldn't.

The line I'd fed with pellet to fish paste over was bubbling and I had a hybrid, a bream and a decent skimmer after a carp on the first put in, then it went dead, no liners, no indications at all. I set up a rig to fish soft pellet, I had one skimmer, then my usual with this bait, missed bite, after missed bite.

I was determined to catch on the waggler and spent too long trying to get the float to land within a couple of mm of the island, not that it probably cost me anything, except maybe a section win. By swapping between the pole and the straight lead I had a few more fish, ending with about 47lb. I assume that I am feeding it wrong, as others caught OK on the paste.

For the results see Tony's blog, as I had to shoot off at the end to get to work - deep joy!!

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