Monday, 14 November 2011

Carps AC, Campbell, Viaduct, Sunday 13/11/11

After last weeks dismal day at Landsend, I passed up the opportunity to contribute to Tony Rixon's pension fund and fish there again. (A right decision looking at the result - see Tony's blog).

Carps AC had their silvers league at Viaduct, but also an open on Campbell, so this was my choice for Sundays match. Carps have this rule that pays equal money to the match winner and silvers winner (and places), so once I saw 128 on my swimcard, I decided that as the peg has some carp & silvers form, I'd stick to maggot & caster as my main line of attack.

I set up two waggler rods, although it seemed wildly optimistic given the strong wind that was in face, with the occasional gust from left to right. One with 3lb Preston reel line and a 0.12 hooklength under a 3AAA insert peacock float, this ahd a 16 Drennan Carp hook on for maggot/caster. The other had 4lb sensor to a 0.14 hooklength with a 16 Drennan hair rig hook with a quick stop - for meat corn etc. This resulted in nothing, not even a liner, so no more about it.

A lead rod completed the rod & reel set up, I had a couple of chucks with it, to no avail, I had one bite, the hooked fish felt fouled and snapped the 0.16 hooklength at the loop knot, as usual it went up the bank and wasn't used again - not sure why I take it!!

Pole rigs were simple, two No4 MW diamonds, one on 0.16 to a 0.14 hooklength and one on 0.14 to a 0.12 hooklength, a Preston float that I rescued from a snag at Viaduct (it had no owners details on it, honest guv) on 0.18 with a 0.16 hooklength made up the margin rig.

I started on the waggler / caster, to no avail, maggot only produced micro roach, switching to caster meant the float remained motionless. A look on the lead with meat, not even a liner, a switch to 8mm punched bread brought the one 'bite' that resulted in the previously mentioned broken hooklength, the fish felt fouled, but still no reason for the snap off.

I then dropped in on the 11m line that I'd fed caster on, another micro roach took the maggot hookbait, a switch to double caster produced a 5lb+ carp first drop in, disappointingly no more followed. I decided that it was time to look at the line I'd been feeding along the spit, this resulted in three carp in three put ins, then the fourth one, which felt like a decent double, picked up a branch that was on the bottom and managed to get into the brambles and snap the hooklength  - whatever signal that sent to his mates, it was enough to ensure that I didn't catch another carp from that edge.

I swapped from the 11m line and the waggler, with caster (although that was a waste of time) to keep the odd skimmer and  a couple of small tench coming. With hindsight I'd wouldn't have attacked the peg as I did.
 Carps AC payout saw me pick up some coin (£45), with my meagre silvers of 7.14 gettting second in silvers, so I can't complain. My 5 carp went 26.15 for a total of 34.12.

1) Paul Hurn 83.07 peg 129 (why wouldn't they come my side of the spit??)
2) G Radford 79.10 peg 119
3) Steve Long 59.14 peg 110
4) K Fisher 57.01 peg 125
5) Unreadable hand writing 46.07 peg 114
6) Lewis Geenwood-King 43.02 peg 129


1) Steve Long 22.13 peg 110
2) Chris Fox 7.14 peg 128
3) Tom Mangall 7.05 peg 126
4) Andy Lloyd 6.11 peg 116

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