Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Viaduct Open, Wednesday 5th Sept 2012

Today's match was on the Match Lake, a lake which has seen me have mixed results, it does seem that depending upon the weather conditions, the fish seem to muster in certain areas. I quite fancied peg 47 today, as the island foliage gives good shade from the sun as the match progresses. I wasn't the only one who fancied it, Howard Webb said he'd like it and promptly drew it - how do some people do that!! 42 stuck to my palm.

I had caster and pellet, soft and hard today and as I managed to frame one match on this lake, fishing bread when I couldn't catch on anything else, I stopped at the supermarket in Somerton and got a loaf. I set up two rigs for the open water, both pencils, one with a fine tip, 0.08 and 20 Gama green hook. The other with a thicker tip, 0.12 and a 16 63.13 for pellet.

The waggler rod was an original Normark Microlight, an excellent skimmer rod, this had an 0.10 hooklength with a 18 Gama black hook. I did set up a lead rod, as it was going to be the only way to sensibly fish the island, the wind making waggler fishing tight to the island (conventional or pellet) impossible.

The waggler fished at 18/20m gave one decent skimmer on red maggot, before the nuisance fish made it (even with double caster) impossible to get near the bottom. The pole line with soft pellet went the same way and bites were pretty rare and impossible to hit on banded 6mm. With just over an hour gone I gave in and chucked the lead and bread, the tip went round before I has sunk the line and a carp at least 4lb graced the net.

I did try setting up a dumpy waggler on the Microlite, to fish shallow, but I couldn't get it to stay near the island for even two seconds and mending the line to stop it drifting, just pulled it further away. So back to the bread/lead, I had an indication most put in's, but they were a mixture of liners, proper bites and some of the fish managed to get the bread off without getting hooked.

The wind wasn't overly strong, but it was very intermittent, that caused a couple of wayward casts to land over the aerator rope, necessitating setting up again, as I had no hooks ready tied it cost me time. The fish came in little spells, but continually enough for me to stick with it, as the skimmers were scarce in this area of the lake, Rowland on 43 was struggling to catch them, so I just stuck it out on bread until the end. With 30 mins to go I hooked a big fish that ran off and manged to snap the 4lb reel line, maybe it was a decent fish foul hooked, so yet more time wasted in re-tackling up.

My efforts weren't enough to pick up today, Howard won from peg 47, with Lee Werrett 2 ounces behind.

1) Howard Webb 114.13 peg 47
2) Lee Werrett 114.11 peg 50
3) Jim Baines 77.07 peg 52
4) Chris Fox  69.11 peg 42
5) Jim Butcher 41.07 peg 49
6) Herbie 41.05 peg 45


1) Howard Webb 47.05
2) Rowland 21.05 peg 43

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