Monday, 3 October 2016

Ivy House Open, Sunday 2nd October 2016

What a difference a day makes as the song goes, not consecutive days, but a week day to a weekend, 45 minutes steady drive to do the 38 miles to Ivy House today, a big improvement on Tuesdays 2 hours 15!!

16 booked in, all on Match Lake, I really wasn't too fussed where I drew and was happy enough with peg 5, for company I had Calum Craig on peg 4, another one sporting shiny new Colmic kit.  First time for Calum and he was impressed with the breakfast and I tried to give him some advice on the lake, but as it fishes differently everytime I fish it, he was mainly on his own......

One of the locals walked past and commented that my peg did alright yesterday, it might just be a 'thing' of mine, but apart from a few venues, I am never keen to fish a peg that has taken some stick the day before, even more so when silvers can play a big part.

There were some carp moving round out towards the rope that runs down the middle, so I set up a full depth waggler, with 2 No10 down the line.  A lead rod - just because it was in the bag and 4 topkits, which turned into 5, just because I had time.  A rig to fish down the edge, but I couldn't go far along, due to the no gardening rule here and with 4 and 6 in, I wasn't too confident it would come good.  A rig to fish banded pellet on the deck and one for shallow.  A worm rig and the last one was a double bulk rig for worm, as there was time to kill.

As the carp were moving around before the start, I started on the waggler, but after 7 or 8 casts caught the bloody centre rope and lost one of my floats, so that went up the bank in a sulk.  I had decided to fish pellet at 16m as that was further out than 4 & 6 were fishing and nearly as far out as the fish were moving, so that left a line at about 7m, just up the slope for GB/worm.  The 16m pellet line was a waste of time, no bites shallow or on the deck, so onto the worm line, this brought a reasonably instant response and I had 2 small skimmers and 3 bigger ones, before a roach and perch.  The perch was the sign to refeed, but that obviously was a mistake, as I stopped catching on that line.

I picked up the lead rod and chucked it on the 16m line whilst I reset up the waggler with a small pellet waggler, to fish at about 20m or so.  Nothing on the tip whilst the waggler was assembled, so out on the waggler and I searched all depths, but just could not get a bite.

It was fishing hard and I went back in the 16m pole line and had a few indications before a small carp was netted.  Back out and no more indications - surely they weren't all from the one fish!!  I tstarted a new line with micros and had a skimmer and another small carp, this was with a couple of hours to go and I thought I'd sorted where I went wrong, but no, nothing else of this line.  I could see Mark Poppleton on peg 18 packing up and I must admit, had it not been that a good last hour and a half could have seen anyone win, I might have been tempted to do likewise.

 The margin was absolutely devoid of fish, not even a shit fish bite on maggot and rotating round all the lines I finally gave up with about 6 or 7 minutes to go, especially as peg 19 was now catching fishing back into the vacated peg 18.  I chucked the lead out for the last 6 minutes and started dismantling topkits/rigs and bugger me if it didn't go round, another small carp netted, even worse was that Calum told me he had 8 carp all on the lead and he'd fed more than 4 times the bait I had.

I weighed in just because the scales came before I had finished packing up, 3 carp for 11lb odd and 11lb odd of silvers, fair play to those that did, 6 of the 16 didn't weigh, it was a tough day, frustrating that there were fish in the peg, but I just could not catch them - how do I learn the patience to sit on the lead?  There are days for all its detractors, of whom,  I readily admit I'm one, that it seems to work.

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