Friday, 9 June 2017

Acorn / Cadbury Thursday Evening Open. 8th june 2017

I was on a First Aid at Work course in Stoke Gifford and the finish time meant I could make the 1700 draw for this match - or so I thought, the motorway was 3 lanes of all but stationary traffic, luckily the Clevedon turn off appeared before I started panicking.

The worst thing you can do in match fishing is have a ridged plan before you start and I was a bit guilty of falling into this trap tonight, thinking that short and margins would be the best way to put together the ton plus that would most likely be needed to win.

Four topkits set up - wasn't going to do so many, but had loads of time....  paste rig, pellet rig for across, two margin rigs, RH side shallower, just fed with pellet, LH edge, some rushes and cover, so fed with GB and maggots.

Started across and had 22lb on the clicker in the first 30 minutes, then it went iffy, so a look round the margins and short paste line - no avail, they remained as absent of fish at 1830, as they did at anytime during the match.

Back across and feeding 4mm pellet and fishing 6mm on the hook saw a few more fish netted.  I did try the short lines and margins again, without much hope, as there was no sign of fish in any of the swims.

Back out on the long rig, fished to the island and  a steady run of bites saw me net a few fish until the whistle went, I didn't think I'd done enough as my old mate Kev Perry on peg 8 had a few quality fish on paste.  In the end he beat me by 2lb, 94lb to 92lb, my wasted time trying to catch short cost me, lesson learnt!!

After the match, Toby from Cadbury Angling got out hot dogs and cider - most welcome and I'm sure, the way to go!!

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