Saturday, 28 April 2018

Cadbury Angling Open, Acorn, Saturday 28th April 2018

Decided to give Acorn a go today, its nice and close and at least you can put all your unused kit back in the van to keep it dry, with the behind peg parking.

Into the drawbag and out comes ping pong ball 11, the same peg I drew on the Clevedon Xmas match, but the weather was a lot colder then, so hopefully the fish will have woken up a bit.  I had pellets and maggots, so rigs based around that, maggots for down the edge, pellets for across and a 5m line.  I'd also brought a couple of 9' feeder rods in case the method or pellet feeder worked.

I could find about 15" of water across, there is a shelf that runs up to and round the point, this was to be the main attack, next were two rigs, one to fish expander, the other banded pellet at 5m.  Plumbing up the margins, there was no nice level area, it was going to be a case of pulling the bait up the slope.

Starting across to the point of the island, I was getting indications straight away, I had several carp in the first two hours, putting just over 30lb in the net, I started by feeding 4mm pellet, but the fish seemed reluctant to settle, so I upped the feed to 6mm, hoping it might pin them down, but they just got more and more spooky.  If a fish touched the line, it would bolt out of the peg, with several others following, then the indications died off and the fish had backed off,

I had a look on the 5m line, this gave up a tiny tench and a 1lb skimmer to expander, but nothing else.  The only way I could catch now was to rotate between the LH margin, the RH margin and going across to the island, it had slowed right down (although it was never hectic) and I spent a long time trying rigs, baits, shotting etc. to try and stop the spooking, I couldn't work it out at all, it may have been a bit better had the wind been giving me the ripple that other areas of the lake had.

I had 33lb on the clicker with 2 hours 15 gone and 47lb at the all out, it was a tough day, I did put 53.10 on the scales, which was beaten by two, so well done to them.  And, we stayed dry.... that was a bonus.

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