Monday, 23 April 2018

Viaduct Open, Sunday 8th April 2018

Back to Viaduct this week for a match on Campbell, I had considered fishing for silvers, but decided to fish for carp, as they were spreading out a bit, at last....

Into the tub and out comes 115, a decent peg so not disappointed, to my left was Chris Davis on 114 and Paul Faiers who was fishing for silvers on 116.  Simple today, a lead for fishing pellet, a waggler, and 3 pole rigs, one for pellet on the deck, one for meat and one for down the edge, although I wasn't expecting that to produce.

Set back in 113 was Tony Rixon, who was into fish on the waggler right from the off, whereas it was a bit slow for me, the short meat line which often gives up a mug fish, was a non starter, probably still just too early in the year for that, given the weather we have suffered this winter.  

Paul was catching silvers on a short line and there were odd carp being caught up to my left, I did manage to put the odd fish in the net using the waggler and the long pole, all with 6mm pellet.

Not much more to write about, as it was a slow day, I guess Paul had the most bites as he put a nice 49lb of silvers on the scales, as for me 84lb for 8th on the lake.

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