Monday, 3 May 2010

Battered (AGAIN!!) at Landsend 3/5/10

May day looked like being a bit warmer than yesterday and I'd booked into Landsend, it was a decent turnout with 30 fishing. I drew peg 34, fairly meaningless to me, but a peg that can hold fish I was told. I was flanked by Matt Tomes on my left on 33 and Andy France on 34.

I'd decided to come with a plan (or two), it was to be hard pellet across, soft pellet at the bottom of the shelf, paste for where ever they wanted it and as a last minute back up, I cubed some meat just as I was leaving.

Simplicity its self for rigs, a MW slim power for up the shelf, a MW pellet for bottom of the shelf, a blob for paste up the shelf and a Big H float for paste at full depth.

Plumbing up at the start, I disturbed a big fish on the ledge at 16m, so I was hopeful that there were some fish in the peg. At the all in, I cupped some micros and softend 4mm at the bottom of the shelf and fed the top of the shelf with 4mm using the catapult. Second drop in, saw a carp around 6lb hooked in the tail, I managed to land this (quite unusual for me to land a foul hooker) and dropped back in, 5 mins later another fouler which came off. I decided to try a punch of meat, the float settled and kept going under, the fish obviously knew where the snag was and managed to deposit the hook in it. That for all my efforts was the total of fish caught from the 16m line, not even a liner, until another fouler that came off, 5 mins from the end.

The soft pellet line produced the usual seemingly unmissable bites, that I missed!! I did take another 6lb carp on soft pellet from this line and a 1½lb skimmer, but it was pretty slow going. By this time I was 50 or 60lb behind peg 33, who was catching well, at 16m down the margin and out to the aerator.

I started another line at 12m, with chopped worm and caster, this was little better, but did produce a couple of perch and a hybrid, then surprisingly a 10lb carp took the worm hookbait, this line also died off. I half heartedly started a caster line at 6m, but to no avail, that didn't produce a bite and for the second match running at Landsend, I was well and truly pissed off by the nagler on the next peg catching over a ton, whilst I struggled to get a bite. At least on the last match, I managed to get a few fish in the last hour or so and weighed a reasonable near 80lb. Today I just couldn't buy a bite and chucked back my three carp, which probably went 20lb and around 6lb of silvers. Some consolation was that the majority on the lake suffered the same slow sport as I did, so perhaps I didn't do anything too drastically wrong.

I'm booked into Landsend Wednesday, I'm having serious second thoughts, but it couldn't happen a third time, could it?

I didn't stay to collect the results, so I'll lift them from Tony's blog later!

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