Friday, 21 May 2010

Landsend, Wednesday 19th May 2010

Another 'difficult' day at Landsend, difficult, but I still weighed in 57lb 2oz, which 20 years ago would have won many matches. A hearty breakfast at Abbys cafe in Bishopsworth set me up, although Tony & Dean were mesmerised by the breastfeast on display, thankfully I was sat with my back to the lady in question, so could concentrate on eating.......

Two pegs stuck together as I picked them out of the draw bag, I'll never know what I flicked back, No1 was the one I'd kept. Two extremes of opinion offered to me about the peg, from its a bad draw, to, you'll get a few from there.

I set up 5 rigs, two for paste, one at full depth and one shallow for the island shelf, although I wasn't planning this to be my main line of attack. A caster rig, a full depth pellet rig for soft or banded pellet and a shallow rig for banded pellet.

There were plenty of fish moving, (the crucians/F1's were spawning like crazy) the water temp was 15°C, so not warm enough for the carp to be spawning, I started on the shallow rig and in the first 1¼ hours had managed one crucian and a golden tench. This was trying two lines, one across to the island and one down the edge at 16m. A look on the lines I'd been feeding the caster saw a run of perch, but they weren't big enough or coming quickly enough to make it viable. The full depth pellet rig fished at the bottom of the shelf and into open water, produced a couple of unhitable bites on soft pellet and no bites on banded. Although in open water I had a big patch of fizzing where I'd fed, but not a bite...

Back onto the shallow rig, as I could see Andy France on 24 getting fish down the edge, I had 7 carp from the edge and 1 from the island in the middle two hours before they seemed to switch off. In the last two hours I tried paste & tooke two more fish, as well as 1 more tench on the shallow rig. The fish at this end of the lake seemed small, Andy on 24 had 20 to my 10, but neither of us had any of the 6lb+ fish that boost your weight. Andy's fish were a smaller avaerage than mine, his 20 going 76lb.

The scales gave me 46lb of carp and 11lb 2 oz of silvers, with the better weights coming from the specoimen lake and the other end of the match lake.

I must get Dave Wride to draw for me again next Sunday....

1) Dean Malin 165.08 peg 17
2) Tony Rixon 123.02 peg 28
3) Tony Witcombe 117.04 peg 13
4) Gary Wall 106.08 peg 26
5) Adrian Bishop 86.04 peg 32
5) Andy France 76.09 peg 24

Top silvers John Bradford, 42.10 peg 7

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