Sunday, 9 May 2010

Kev Perry Series, Round Four, 9th May 2010

I'd been feeling pretty uninspired by this years series, today did nothing to regain any enthusiasim for the rest of the matches. As I was on the Match Lake last week, I knew it was Rushcombe for me today. I had already decided to fish positively, but the decline in the temperature had me doubting that it would be possible to frame from this lake today. I was intending to fish banded pellet and a line or two for paste, I had to re-evaluate as the temperature kept low, with a North Easterly wind. The thermometer showed the water temp to be 10°C, dropping back to winter levels again, whatever happened to that global warming they promised...... just another ruse to levy more tax out of us... cynical me, well yes actually, I think its a big con job.

I took two bags of liquidised bread out of the freezer and picked up a white loaf from CO-OP on the way to the match. I thought pegging out would be easier, as both Paul and myself had not ventured to the pub last night, the cricket being the reason I didn't venture from my sofa. We were doing OK until we had some of the competitors come up offering advice, we ended up re-doing it, as we wanted in the end.

Plenty of banter at breakfast and I decided that after 3 pretty average to poor draws, I'd draw my own peg, C2 on Rushcombe, I wasn't too disappointed, but I didn't think it would be as good as last match, with the wind in the opposite direction.

As the aforementioned lack of enthusiasim had engulfed me, I had nothing prepared so was glad to have until 10.30 to set up, especially as it took me twenty minutes to do the gardening necessary for me to have a margin (and I wasn't the only one). I more in hope than expectation set up a dibber to fish banded pellet up the far shelf, a Malman Volte to fish 4mm expander or maggot up on the shelf and a paste rig to fish the LH (newly pruned) margin.

I started by feeding a couple of 4mm pellets by catty, across on the shelf, as well as potting some softend pellet and a few casters on the paste line. I had tried various pellets, maggots and caster in the first hour and a quarter, with only 4 goldfish to show for it. I grabbed a topkit from the rod bag (with purple middy elastic), set up a Malamn float whose name eludes me and plumbed up at the bottom of the shelf. Set just off bottom, in it went with a piece of punch and a pole mounted pot full of liquidised bread. Bites came immediately and for an hour or so I caught steadily, goldfish and carp to 1lb or so.

I had an occasional look in the paste line, at 15.00 I had a carp and then a goldfish from it, but these proved to be the only fish from this line all day. I continued picking up odd fish on the bread punch until the final whistle. One minute before the whistle I lost a carp,for some reason the hooklength (ultima silk 0.010) broke at the loop knot. This cost me the section, as I lost out to Andy Hembrow on C1, by only 140grams.

Rushcombe fished hard, my 6.420KG was third on the lake, behind Lewis Jones 0n D6, who weighed 8.160KG and Andy Hembrow on C1 who weighed 6.560KG.

Different story on the Match Lake - only two weights under 10KG and four over 20KG.

1) Dave Wride 37.400KG peg 24
2) Andy Hockin 29.450KG peg 12
3) Bob Gullick 24.550KG peg 17
4) Tony Goodland 21.750KG peg 22
5) Tom Thick 19.800KG peg 21
6) Sean Kitteridge 18.350KG peg 27


1) Dave Wride 20.400KG peg 24
2) Sean Kitteride 14.30KG peg 27
3) Tom Thick 13.600KG peg 21
4) Nick Collins 12.350KG peg 15

Overall Table

1) Lewis Jones 24 points 57.930KG
2) Dave Wride 23 points 72.760KG
3) Bob Gullick 22 points 58.520KG
4) Andy Hockin 21 points 65.970KG
5) Tom Thick 21 points 58.820KG
6) Sean Kitteridge 20 points 45.320KG

Silvers Table

1) Dave Wride 27 points 45.370KG
2) Tom Thick 27 points 32.750KG
3) Nick Collins 23 points 30.000KG
4) Lewis Jones 23 points 23.080KG
5) Bob Gullick 22 points 26.420KG

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