Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Drawbag blues at Landsend . 20th June 2010

Today I was once again 'guesting' in Tony Rixon's float only series, this time round Landsend was the venue, I guess along with 99% of the entry, I fancied a draw on Match or Speci lakes. My drawing arm has been one consistent feature of my match fishing career, dating back to the 70's, consistently crap!! Today it excelled it's self, peg 54 on lake 3 (See Tony Rixon's blog for last Sunday!!)

I have fished lake 3 twice before and this is the second time I've drawn 54, in all honesty, had the van not been blocked in, I would have gone pleasure fishing somewhere else.

I tried to think positive thoughts, but as I walked up the lake, all the comments were based around, "you've got the shit end of the lake".

I set up two rigs for out by the island, one at 6" deep and one at half depth (around 2'), a paste rig, a silvers rig (how optimistic was that!!) and a margin rig. The fine details of the rigs remain irrelevent in the light of my dismal day.

There was virtually no signs of fish activity, but I started on 6mm banded pellet out to the island, first put in and the float buried, a 3oz tench was the culprit and he appeared to be billy no-mates, as that was the last action on that line for a while. An occasional carp would swim through the peg and suck the pellets that were just on or above the waterline, but as soon as a pole was put within a metre or so, it would disappear.

I ended the day with 2 carp, one about 4lb and one about 4oz, a crucian, a tench, a rudd a perch and a roach, I couldn't even get a bite on maggot for ariound two hours of the match.

Lets hope this forthcoming week sees a return to more favourable results....

1)Craig Edmunds 101.12 peg 36 (good effort considering how rough he looked before the draw)
2)Neil Mercer 94.00 peg 38
3)Josh Garrett 79.07 peg 26
4)Leon Hubbard 66.04 peg 33
5)Tim Clark 65.01 peg 41
6)Tom Magnol 64.14 peg 6

1) Vince Brown 31.02 peg 8

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The Silverfox said...

Yes a bad draw indeed on the day.

I not sure if Rip Off knew that there would be two anglers short. If he did, I think he might have considered leaving out two pegs on the third lake, like 52 and perhaps 61 making sure that Specimen lake was completely full, because as luck would have it the first and second in the match both had spare pegs each side of them with only five in the section. Mind you my mate Bela was happpy as he picked up the section even though he was last!!