Sunday, 27 June 2010

Two Day Festival @ Trinity, Day One. Saturday 26th June 2010

I've fished this festival for the last couple of years and was looking forward to this one, it ususally comprises of a day on Woodland and a day on Wildmarsh. Unfortunately this year saw a withdraw of a sponsor and a lack of entries, Kev Perry and Andy Hembrow stepped in to run it, Andy's boss at Brittons Ash Garage in Taunton provided some sponsorship.

It was intended to be a 20 pegger with both matches on Woodland, but the World Cup saw a couple of late withdraws (although after listening to it on the radio, I'm glad I fished!!)

As it was down to 17, Kev had three sections, two of 6 and one of 5 (which 6 points would be awarded to for winning), to try and keep things fair, it was three pegs either side of the lake at each end which were sections and the middle pegs were the third section. This meant the ends of the lake weren't in, giving everyone a waggler or feeder chuck.

An end peg would have been nice, but I drew 29, in the middle section. With Rich Coles on my left, we could have our usual 'grumpy old men' conversation about the good old days of big matches, decent payouts and the old days on the river, with the sessions in the pub afterwards.

My intentions were to keep it simple, a couple of pellet wagglers set up, with 0.17 hooklengths and size 16 B920 hooks. A paste rig for full depth, a pellet rig that would do full depth, which as a MW diamond, on 0.17 with a 0.15 hooklength and a 16 B911. A Malman margin float on 0.19 to a 0.17 hooklength with a 14 B920 and a paste rig comprising a blob on 0.19 with a 12 paste hook.

Plumbing up I found a nice shelf in the margin and around 8' on the paste line at 12.5m. At the start I fed the margin with meat and pellet, then fished the pellet waggler, the fish weren't queing up on the waggler line snd I had a couple in the first hour. The paste line at 12.5m produced one fish, then a couple of foul hookers, so it was back onto the waggler, plugging away at this put another couple in the net.

I could see my section was fishing fairly hard, so I decided to have a look in my margin at the halfway point, if I went in with meat on the hook, it was taken straight away by the hordes of roach, so switching to hard pellet saw a few fish come from this line.

I ended the day with 16 carp and 3 roach (Rich Coles had a roach fishing session and won the silers with 12lb of whitebait size roach).

The scales got round to me and I had a section win, with 58.09 (the 09 was the three roach!!) Andy Hembrow had emptied it on peg 15, winning on the day with 141.10

1) Andy Hembrow 141.10 peg 15 (section win)
2) Glen Calvert 81.09 peg 23
3) Kev Perry 75.04 peg 13
4) Steve Jackson 62.12 peg 33 (section win)
5) Misha Herring 60.13 peg 6
6) Chris Fox 58.09 peg 29 (section win)

Four of the top six were end pegs (15, 23, 33 and 6) I needed an end peg or a decnt draw in the middle section on Sunday, to build on the section win.

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