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Tonic at Trinity. Tuesday 22nd June 2010

This Tuesday evening open at Trinity Waters was the first that I could get to this year, due to work. It was an opportunity to put last weekends two bad days behind me and get an insight into how its fishing, ready for the two day festival this weekend coming. (As I type, one place left if anyone is interested, contact Kev Perry).

Draw was 5pm, fish 6-9.15, I pulled out peg 26, I really don't mind where I draw on Woodland, except the pegs on the end bank (16, 17, 18, 19). Incredibly, I was ready by 5.45, as everyone else was ready by 5.50 we started 10 minutes early. I had only brought two baits, hard pellet and paste, there isn't time to chop and change baits and lines in a three hour match, at least, not if you want to win it.

I set up one pellet waggler, I use a a pair of Maver Reactorlite No2 rods for this method and find them to be spot on, these are allied with a Daiwa TDR 3012 reel, which is loaded with 6lb Sensor. A 3 swan waggler provided the casting weight and bite indication and the sharp bit was a PR36 size 18 tied to 12" of 0.17 powerline.

A 1g Daiwa TD8 float on 0.17 straight through to a 14 Mustad paste hook was the paste rig for full depth. These were going to be the only rigs set up, but as fish were stirring up the clay in the margins, I set up a small blob on 0.19 to a 12 Mustad paste for the margin and a MW margin float on 0.17, to a PR36 18, that would do to fish hair rigged pellet in the margin or shallow on the pole.

Kev Perry was on end peg 23, having recently framed from this peg myself, I knew he'd probably be the one to beat, although venue expert, Andy Hembrow, would be another challenger on peg 29.

Starting on the pellet waggler, after feeding a line at 11m for paste if the waggler didn't work, was a little slow and the fish didn't seem to be having it properly, I had one fish, then lost three under the rod tip, all mouth hooked. Slightly puzzled as I don't usually lose mouth hooked fish when on this method, I doubled checked the hook and hair but there was nothing amiss with the terminal tackle.

I could see Kev on the end peg had given up on the waggler and was catching fish on paste, so I dropped in over the paste line and took two fish that were 7 or 8lb each, than I was bitted out, the float went under every put in with nothing there on the strike, except for three occasions when 1oz roach came back on the size 14 hook.

A look in the margin gave me another fish on paste, but only twitches on a hard pellet, as the silverfish plagued the baits. So at 8pm it was back on the pellet waggler and a decent spell saw me net a few fish, although the last 20 minutes was quiet, with the exception of a couple of big roach that snaffled the 8mm pellet.

Kev was first to weigh and he managed to put 49.06 on the scales, I thought it would be close and it was as the results below show, although my 54.10 of carp and 4lb of silvers(most of which was a 3lb+ bream taken at 6" on the waggler and a hard pellet)meant my 58.10 was enough to take first place and regain some confidence after the weekends disasters. (I weighed more tonight in 3 hours, than I did in 11 hours Saturday and Sunday, quite why some anglers don't want to fish Trinity is beyond me)

Called in the Bristol Bridge Inn in Highbridge on the way back, that brought back some memories of after match drinking sessions in the days of the big matches in Somerset. I got caught for the round, luckily it was just Kev, Brian and myself, some of our Thyers team mates were just leaving as we got there, they had fished a match on Apex Lake, won by Dave Wride with 14KG, although some weighed in as little as 1KG.

No match tomorrow, I reckon its going to be football, beer and curry..... Next match will be Viaduct on Thursday this week.

1) Chris Fox 58.10 peg 26
2) Kev 'end peg' Perry 49.06 peg 23
3) Andy 'venue expert' Hembrow 46.05 peg 29
4) Brian Slipper 43.09 peg 24
5) Ross Gally 39.14 peg 27
6) Misha Herring 36.05 peg 30

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