Sunday, 27 June 2010

Two Day Festival @ Trinity, Day Two. Sunday 27th June 2010

After yesterdays section win, I was hoping for an end peg, preferably 15 or 23 as this was the end of the lake with the wind blowing into it. I partly got my wish, as I drew peg 33, the end peg that Jacko won his section from the day before (although as well as an end peg, he had two empty pegs to his right, as Justin (can't remember his surname) from Megabaits, who had drawn 32, unfortunately had to leave before the start, due to an incident at his shop)

Jacko had drawn 32 today, the unfished peg!! and Andy Hembrow, the other section winner had drawn 30, so all three section winners from Saturday were in the same section. My rigs were identical to Saturday's, with the exception of a 'stalking rig', although by the time the match started, all the cruising/basking fish had disappeared.

Jacko had caught all his fish from the margins on Saturday, but the clouds of mud weren't there today, so neither were the fish. I had 2 fish after an hour on the waggler, it was flat calm in front of me, whilst further up the lake there was a good ripple. The margins showed no sign of fish for the first four hours, I couldn't get a bite on the paste at 10m, so carried on picking odd fish off on the waggler. With a couple of hours to go, I saw the first swirl and tail in the margin, dropping into the margin with meat saw a fish around three pounds in the net. Next put in and a foul hooker tore off, before the hook pulled and that was the end of margin activity.

Whilst listening to the England shambles on the radio, I managed to coax anther 3 fish from the margin, giving me a total of 15 fish, one less than yesterday. I knew I had Jacko beaten on the next peg (he'd had a silver bashing session) and Andy Hembrow claimed 45lb. Chris Ware on peg 6 in my section had a run of fish towards the end, so it was going to be close. As it happened, as usual, I was in the lowest weight section, but managed to put 54.00 on the scales to win the section and the festival, with a maximum 12 points. I was sweating at the weigh in, Chris Ware had put 50.14 on the scales, the scales and weigh sling were near the edge and I was going to ask for them to be moved back, I didn't bother and one fish managed to slip out of the weigh sling and back into the lake. Good job it didn't cost me....

Glen Calvert won on the day with 108.15 from peg 15, that was end peg on either side of the lake for Glen over the two days.

Sunday result:

1) Glen Calvert 108.15 peg 15 (section win)
2) Kev Perry 72.01 peg 10 (section win)
3) Dave Roper 59.14 peg 23
4) Lewis Jones 56.00 peg 13
5) Chris Fox 54.00 peg 33 (section win)
6) Chris Ware 50.14 peg 6

Silvers top spot was shared, Mark Bromsgrove & Rich Coles both weighing 19.08

Festival Overall

1) Chris Fox 12 points 112.07
2) Glen Calvert 11 points 190.08
3) Kev Perry 10 points 147.05
4) Andy Hembrow 9 points 176.08
5) Lewis Jones 9 points 79.13
6) Misha Herring 8 points 91.05
7) Lance Tucker 8 points 79.11
8) Dave Roper 8 points 77.02

A nice couple of days, thanks to Andy's boss for sponsoring the peg fees, to Kev for organising it and it was nice to pick up a few quid.

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