Monday, 26 July 2010

Viaduct Match Lake Sunday 25th July 2010

It seemed like a good idea to have a bash at this lake, an opportunity to give the carp bashing a rest, it was either that, the Huntspill or Cider Farm. I drew peg 39, Steve Long told me that pleasure anglers were catching skimmers on paste the day before. I hadn't taken any paste, I knocked up some before the off. I needen't have bothered, I didn't get a bite on it.

My main approach was to be groundbait, with caster and softened pellet fed with it. I started off at 14m with a Malman winter wires 4 x 12, 0.11 mainline and a 0.10 hooklength and a 20 808. Single maggot took me four decent skimmers in the first 40 minutes, with a few smaller cousins as well, then it slowed down, the wind got up and was blowing directly from my left to right, this was making presentation difficult.

I started a new line at 12.5m at 2 0'clock as with the wind, this gave better presentation, but never had a bite on it, I put chopped worm in on this line, which they obviously didn't like...

I had a couple of small carp from the margins on double maggot and lost a decnt fish after the hook came off, leaving a curly pig tail on the end of the hooklength. This has happened a couple of times now, I've got hold of one of the Sensas Perotti hook tyers and I can only blame this. It works the same as the Drennan tyer, which I have always used with no problems.

The lake was fishing hard for everyone I could see, except Tony Rixon and Paul Elmes who were getting odd fish and thankfully I couldn't see Dean fishing the feeder. The last hour was a bit better and I added a few more skimmers to the net to give me 14.12 of silvers and a pick up, getting the silvers money by double default. My 5 carp went 7lb is for a 21.02 total.

Top three all sat next to each other

1) Dean Malin 56.07 peg 45
2) Tony Rixon 36.04 peg 44
3) Paul Elmes 25.02 peg 43
4) Leon Hubbard 24.03 peg 51
5) Jason Radford 22.03 peg 52
6) Adrian Jeffery 22.01 peg 47


1) Tony Rixon 21.12
2) Dean Malin 15.10
3) Chris Fox 14.12

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