Monday, 21 March 2011

A Bit Of Fluff Chucking

Its been a while since I got out and did any fly fishing, so was keen to make my first visit to Hawkridge, at Spaxton, to reacquaint myself with the dark arts of fluff chucking. On my way home from the match at Trinity, the van was playing up, but I limped home and called out the RAC. The patrolman sussed out that it was the EGR stuck open, which he duly freed off, so I could get to Kev Perry's house this morning to travel down with him.

Kev had just bought himself a high density sinking line the week before, taking a few fish on it last Tuesday and was explaining to me over the phone about how it worked and using boobies - which were new to him and I'd never used them before.

A trip to Veals on Saturday to get a pint of maggots turned into, a new Greys XFlite 9' 6" #8 rod, a high density line, a reel, some boobies, minkies and a few other odds and sods.

I was glad I did, Hawkridge is fairly deep and once we'd bought our tickets and walked to the area Kev likes, it was nigh on 11.00 before we both started on the floating line with gold head flies to no avail.

A switch to the new rod, high density line and a black booby saw me christen my new gear with a Rainbow around the 2lb mark, this was after Kev had taken one nearer 3lb. A really good day out followed, Hawkridge is in great surroundings on the Quantocks, we fished until about lunchtime, stopped for a bite to eat and a chat - how civilised - we retried the floating lines, Kev managed one Rainbow on a weighted gold head lure, nothing for me.

A return to the high density sinking line and white Booby saw three more fish come to the net, before another bash with the floating line, once again to no avail. I went back on the HD line and with a white minky, took my last fish, making my limit of 5.

Kev then had a go on my new rod and landed his 5th and final fish on the white minky that accounted for my last fish. We weighed the fish back at the lodge, my biggest was 2.01, Kev had on around the 2.14 mark, smallest fish we both had was 1.08.

A really nice change from the hustle and bustle of the match scene, a lovely venue in a great setting and fishing with a mate who gave me some confidence that I was using the right gear and fly. I'll certainly be back before too long.

The 5 trout after being cleaned, looking forward to tasting them.


The Silverfox said...

You are about to discover what pellet taste like!!

Chris Fox said...

I'll cover them with chilli sauce......

The Silverfox said...

Good shout.I like them Tandooried with an anormous amount of Kingfisher