Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday Silvers - what a treat!!

It's been so bloody hectic, that I've not been fishing for a couple of weeks, too much work and having the kitchen completely ripped outhas stopped me getting out. (Its easy to get fed up of takeaways and microwave meals..... and its another two weeks before the kitchen is back up and fully functional!!)

As I'm working Sunday and had no time to get anything sorted for Saturday, I decided to give booking into a match, a miss and head off to Kingston Seymour for a bit of pleasure fishing. I had a walk round Bullock Farm and intended to practise for the forth coming Kev Perry series, but just didn't fancy it. So off to Plantation, although as I was a late arrival, at 09.40, there weren't too many pegs left. I settled into 33 and set up two rigs to fish for silvers, a KC Carpa Chimp for fishing topkit to hand for roach and perch and a 0.5g Mick Wilkinson pellet float to fish for skimmers at 10m.

I cupped in some dead maggot, 3mm expander and softened micro's on th 10m line and loose fed caster on the 'to hand' line, I started here just to see if the fish were already in close and had a couple of roach. I then left this line to develop, as it is best to let the fish get settled and feeding confidently before plundering it.

I started on 4mm expander at 10m, but was pestered with roach, so upping it to 6mm saw some decent skimmers coming to the net, alternating between 6mm ecpander and double red maggot kept them coming for a couple of hours. I then had another look on the topkit line and manged a hydrid, a few roach and a couple of decent perch, before it slowed up. Back on the 10m line saw a few skimmers and then a run of three decent crucians, before that slowed up.

Alternating between the two kept odd fish coming and at about 3 o'clock the 10m started bubbling, no bites until 3.15 the next hour saw 4 carp into the net for about 25lb - not what I'd come for but an interesting battle on the double No5 slip and skimmer rig. Another bite on the 10m line produced an unseasonal tench to go with some of the unseasonal rudd I had. Back onto the topkit for the last half an hour, that put another perch and a couple more roach into the silvers net.

What a lovely days fishing, Plantation is, at the moment, fishing exceptionally well given the weather. On arrival the air temp was 3°C, the water temp stayed around 5.5°C all day and the air temp was 4°C when I got back to the van.

The Perch

The Crucians, Tench, Skimmers, Roach, Rudd and Hybrids.


Tim Ford said...

I've only pleasure fished Plantation, but I've always had good days there. Do you know if there are any matches planned there April onwards?

Chris Fox said...

Not usually so many matches in the summer Tim, but Clevedon club have a good relationship with Plantation and they sometimes have club & open matches on there in the summer.

Sounds like you're planning to be on the bank in a few weeks then?

Tim Ford said...

I'd like to think I could be out in April, but at the moment I can manage a 20 min walk and that's it! With Cider Farm gone where are there regular Sunday opens?