Sunday, 20 March 2011

Trinity Waters Sunday 20th March 2011

Back to one of my favouite venues today, although for how much longer I don't know!! Once again I drew on the car park bank and peg 31 again, I knew it would be a struggle unless the fish had woken up and moved around, the heavy frost overnight Friday, the bright sun & lack of ripple seemed to ensure that didn't happen.

To make matters worse, there was a no show and that left pegs 11, 12 & 13 empty, giving Rod Wotton three empty pegs to his left, he made the most of it.

I started at 12.5m, fishing expander over softened 4mm, no fish from this line in the first half hour, so I had a look down the LH margin, which I was hopeful of catching from as I was the end peg. I had a 4lb carp 2nd drop into the margin and that was it, just little knocks and twitches, with little rudd taking even 6mm expanders off the hook. During the match I tried banded pellet, meat & maggot in the margin, maggot getting the only response, again little rudd.

I'd set up two waggler rods, one with a insert peacock to fish at full depth and another to fish shallow, the shallow rod produced nothing, the full depth rod managed to tempt one ghostie. That was it for carp and watching Rod bagging up on peg 10 just rubbed salt into the wound.

With half the match gone I decided to try and target the skimmers and pick up some silver coin, I started a new line with G/bait and dead maggot, this was hard going, and I ended the match with half a dozen or so skimmers up to 10oz.

Three or four to my right, were in the same boat as me, struggling and DNW, the back bank and the RH end of the lake once again being the place to draw.

1) Rod Wotton 82.06 peg 10
2) Kev Perry 52.06 peg 17
3) Dave Baker 33.03 peg 19
4) Dean Malin 30.10 peg 15
4) Steve Seager 30.10 peg23
6) Paul Elms 29.08 peg 24

1) John Bradford 10.15 peg 3
2) Steve Seager 8.00 peg 23


Anonymous said...

Why not take the not so good pegs out rather than leave good pegs in the draw bag? I advocate that there should be the same number of pegs as there are anglers in the pools at the start of the draw. If someone arrives late he has to have one of the pegs that was left out. Why let the late comers/no shows spoil the whole match.

Chris Fox said...

You'll have to ask Dean, he was running the match, along with John Bradford.

Anonymous said...

This lake does seem a tad peggy at present, and seems especially affected by the weather conditions.