Monday, 14 March 2011

Kev Perry Series 2011 - Match One

Lets be honest about this, Paul (Faiers) and myself, were not going to run this series this year, no matter how hard you try to think about lakes, pegging, fairness of sections etc. etc. the fish, the weather, the anglers, high temps, low temps and inconsistent temps will give someone cause to moan.

So, that aside, at some point during the preceding year, we were persauded, but only if we had our own terms of a limit, that being 21, all on one lake - the match lake.

We achieved the 21, with others waiting in the wings, even after all the reports of fish deaths, especially carp. Phil has obtained some new fish ( not that, that easily, excuses the person who polluted the supply to the lakes!!)

I didn't fancy the back pegs 1-14, but thats where the swim card indicated I'd be, No10, right on the back bank. Just first match syndrome, they don't usually produce until the warmer weather. So after recording the draw and getting everyones queries sorted, I settled into peg 10. A simple approach, 3 rigs, one for maggot / pinkie, which was a 0.2g sensas pencil on 0.11 with a 0.08 hooklength and a 22 63-13 hook. A MW slim power, again 0.2g on 0.11with a 0.10 hooklength and a size 18 808. Finally a Daiwa float whose model eludes me, on 0.15 straight through to a 20 B911, for maggot in the margin.

On the all in I fed micro's and a couple of 4mm expanders to a line at 10'clock approx 10.5m and a groundbait and pinkie / caster line straight in front at 11m. I hooked and lost a decent fish first put in and could see Sean Kitteridge on peg 30 netting a fish on his first put in. I then had a couple of small fantails over the groundbait, to rest the line I had a look on the micro fed line, with a 4mm expander, this resulted in 2 more fantails and a skimmer - not much more to write about pellet, as I never had another bite on it.

Back onto the maggot and I managed to keep some reasonable skimmers coming, with a lone crucian and the occasional fantail. Interesting to see the skimmers show up - I guess there's not enough  (or enough active) carp to bully them out. With an hour and a half to go, the peg started to slow down, I'd switchwed to g/bait and maggot over the micro line and had another skimmer over that. I could see Lewis Jones on peg 12 taking carp from the margin, so had a look down to my left, that resulted in two small carp of just over 1lb each.

Paul & myself weighed in all the pegs and it was as predicted,(and bang on form for the first match of the series)with the popular pegs in the main bowl of the lake picking up all the money from the superpool. (The main pool payout is purely section money this year, £40 for a section win, £30 for second in section).

Two decent skimmers lost cost me the section, having to settle for second behind Lewis, although I took top silvers points in the section.

1) Mark Bromsgrove 19.100KG peg 25
2) Paul Faiers 14.020KG peg 24
3) Kev Perry 13.500KG peg 26
4) Lewis Jones 8.670KG peg 12
5) Chris Fox 8.170KG peg 10
6) Clive Pettit 6.770 peg 17

1) Paul Faiers 11.420KG peg 24
2) Mark Bromsgrove 9.450KG peg 25
3) Kev Perry 7.900KG peg 25
4) Chris Fox 6.900KG peg 10
5) Charlie Barnes 4.240KG peg 22
6) Lance Tucker 4.170KG peg 28


The Silverfox said...

It certainly appears to have fished better than I thought it would. What were the weights of the bottom 10 anglers?

Chris Fox said...

In reverse order:

DNW (but put fish back)

I'll get some accurate figures posted in a few days, but I think that this will be at least on a par, if not a better average, KG per angler for match one (match lake) in this series, since 2009. (No records before that)