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Two Day Festival, Plantation Lakes. 1st & 2nd Oct 2011

Firstly, thanks to Glenn Calvert for pointing out in the comment section of my last blog entry, that I'd draw in a bay - as expected I did, but then after a good result on Saturday Glenn drew the same bay on Sunday - what goes round, comes round, eh Faitheeey. And theres me thinking you were a real man, hard drinking egg chasing fan, but your blogger ID is some sort of weekend and evening  femmine alter ego....

Anyway onto the fishing, the festival was depeletd in numbers due to the clash with the winter league and the Teams of Four, so Darren 'Noddy' Vowles original plan of 20 on each lake and rotate, was abandoned and 30 different plans from a rover, to island chucks and non island chucks were discussed and ripped to shreds by various participants. It was quite simply, an open draw both days, with the overall result based on weight.

'Noddy' asked for an orderly queue at the draw, it was like sale day at Lidil's in Hartcliffe, a free for all, I came out unscathed and with a disappointing peg 18 to show for it. I had brought waggler & lead rods, they were to remain unused, as 10 & 12 opposite me in the bay. Practising on Thursday had seen some decent skimmers come to the meat, so my approach was to be pellet and meat. I set up a shallow and depth rig for pellet and meat, a caster rig and a margin rig. There isn't too much to say about the match, it was a struggle to get a bite, even on single caster on 0.10 and a 20. At 3pm, with an hour and a half to go, I started to catch roach and the odd bonus perch, at least it was something after watching Glenn 'Faitheeey'Calvert catching on peg 8 and John Wolvenscroft doing likewise on peg 7. I ended Saturdays match with 4 carp for 10lb and 14lb 12oz of hard won caster fish.

1) John Wolvenscroft 91.06 peg 7
2) Darren 'Noddy' Vowles 81.02 peg 38
3) Paul Faiers 78.00 peg 27
4) Glen 'Faitheeey' Calvert 68.04 peg 8
5) Rod Wootten 61.00 peg ?


1) Paul Faiers 18.06 peg 27
2) Craig Tucker 15.06 peg 3
3) Chris Fox 14.12 peg 18

With no chance (barring some miracle) of framing in the overall, Sunday had to be a silvers day, so I joined the darkside and took some micro pellet and devils spawn, to complement the caster and meat that was to be my main attack. the draw bag once again wasn't kind and I managed 29, which is set back further than all the other pegs on that bank, which doesn't favour any of my fishing short plans. Silvers were also going to be competed for by Paul and Craig, Paul drew peg4, a decent draw and Craig peg 1 - but with peg 3 having been left out due to a no show on the day - Craig had plenty of room.

I planned to feed micros and fish expander at 13m, caster short to the left and meat at 7m, I also added a short micro fed line at 6m to the right, as Simon Carvello on peg 28 was method lobbing into the island gap.
I fed the lines at the all in and then had a couple of half hearted chucks at the island with a pellet waggler, had it gone under and kept going under, I might have stayed with it, but it didn't and whilst there was very little wind, there was a right to left skim which made presentation tight to the island impossible.

Once again, the meat was totally unsuccessful, not a bite on it - yet I caught on it two days practising and Paul Faiers caught on it both days, after seeing me do it on Monday and a phone conversation Thursday- I think you needed the big skimmers in the peg for it to work. I caught a few on devils spawn, but they were only a 1/3 the size of the meat fish, but my usual frustration with devils spawn of it coming off the hook or being taken by tiny roach continued.

I could see some big roach and rudd flashing for the caster, so set up a greased loop rig, this produced a 12oz rudd and a 8oz roach, along with a few 3-4oz roach, before they backed off, this seemed to be the pattern for the day, take a fish or 2, then having to change to another line to catch again. Rod Wootten was steadily catching on 31, fishing towards a tree he spent nearly an hour pruning before the match, I reckon if you look on ebay, he'll have some brushwood and kindling for sale......

Without any bonus big skimmers, crucians or fantails, I thought I'd be struggling to beat my weight of Saturday,  I did but only just. 16lb of silvers and 4 water pigs for 12lb odds. Not enough.

1) Paul Nicholls 95.01 peg 7
2) Rod 'Tree Surgeon' Wootten 89.04 peg 31
3) Paul Faiers 71.15 peg 4
4) Andy France 67.00 peg 38
5) Simon Carvello 60.00 peg 28


1) Paul Faiers 24.04 peg 4
2) Craig Tucker 21.08 peg 1
3) Chris Fox 16.00 peg 29


1) Rod Wootten 150.04
2) Paul Faiers 149.15
3) Paul Nicholls 144.01
4) John Wolvenscroft 140.07
5) Darren 'Noddy' Vowles 131.03

Overall silvers

1) Paul Faiers 42.10
2) Craig Tucker 36.14
3) Chris Fox 30.12

Thanks to 'Noddy' and Paul Nicholls for running the match, thanks to Plantation for hosting the match and the pork rolls afterwards - very nice and a few bob was raised for a charity. Thanks to Paul Faiers for the beer, he had so many brown envelopes that he needed a trolley to carry them!!

Thanks to Cadbury Angling, who donated a Shimano Aerotech waggler rod, this was a prize in a raffle drawn from Sundays swimcards, Faierzy won it, now he'll have to buy a reel and some wagglers!!

Special mention for Andy Hembrow, he drew the same peg both days, 12 in the top bay which fished poorly both days, he must have upset the same drawing gods as me, but whatever Andy did was obviously worse....

Right, I'm off to buy some micro pellets, devils spawn and 4mm pellets and get my head round winter style fishing in the summer!!

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