Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Trinity Waters, Avon Angling Open 11th Novemebr 2012

Back to Trinity, always a good place to visit, sure of a friendly welcome and it's a well maintained and run fishery. I seem to have got into the habit of drawing on the near bank, which doesn't seem to have regained the consistency it had before the lake re-modelling, today was no exception with 32 being my home for the day. Company for the day was the Silverfox on 31, always a tough angler to beat, he seems to have sussed when to fish for silver and when to switch to carp.

There was a time when soft pellet, corn or maggot would ensure bites from most pegs in the winter, but following on from yesterday, the fish seemed reluctant to feed. They were moving around and some big roach were topping down the middle, so I set up a waggler to fish caster as far as I could catapult them.

A short caster rig, a rig to fish 7m (although it was a consistent depth out to 14m) and a rig with similar depth but an olivette in case the tow got up - although I doubted the fish would be on the bottom. Starting on the caster waggler, I had a couple of small roach, before the float settled and the bump, bump of a good skimmer was felt up the rod. It was a bit of a false dawn, as the bites were then from tiny rudd, micro roach and even motherless minnows.

The line at 7m fed with a few micros and softened 4's was bubbling, but with little other evidence of fish, this produced a couple of skimmers and a 5lb carp, before it too, joined the waggler line, in waiting ages for a bite, only to get a fish twice the size of the caster.

The margins on this side haven't really produced in the winter months, but the crafty old Silverfox on the next peg had a couple of carp snap him up on the 'ronnie' whip, so he switched to paste and landed 5 fish, before suffering a blank couple of hours. I managed one from the margins on meat and reset up the waggler to fish a 8mm pellet at full depth, with no shot down the line, this was because there were fish moving near the surface, but they obviously weren't feeding. I managed 18lb odd, which wasn't good, being battered off the next peg by Mike who had 44lb with his paste caught carp.

1)     Tom Mangnel 66-01-0 peg 2
2)      Mike Nicholls 44-04-0 peg 31
3)      Tony Rixon 32-06-0 peg 15
4)      Craig Edmonds 29-03-0 peg 14
5)      Phil Harding 28-05-0 peg 17
=6)      Bela Bakos 27-05-0 peg 25
=6)      Kev Moulton 27-05-0 peg 7
1)      Nigel Bartlett 9-09-0 peg 24
2)     Tom Mangnel 8-08-0 peg 2
3)     Mike Nicholls 8-02-0 peg 31

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