Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tony Rixon's Float Only, Landsend, Sunday 2nd June 2013

After the last match, where but for my stubborness in not wanting to venture in the bramble ridden margin, I felt I should have done better, on to the venue where I have never won or framed, except in silvers.

I never seem to catch much from lake 3, so where do I draw,  58 on lake 3 and for good measure it was the longest walk.  Several people were glad to bend my ear and tell me what a good peg it is, but as this seems to happen no matter where I draw, I tend to ignore the obvious windups.  But, I do recall drawing thos once before and not doing too badly inthe section with it.  Before the all in Tony Rixon came down and expressed his belief it was a decent draw, saying I'd need to go downthe RH margin to the brambles.

I set up 4 rigs, one for banded pellet over, one for meat at 5 m, but with the peg pretty much the same depth (not a lot over 3') it would do for a look round if necessary. A paste rig, as this has worked on this peg before and a margin rig to fish meat down to the brambles.

Starting on the pellet rig over, with a banded 6mm over cupped in 4's, first put in saw the float dip and a near 2lb cruciany/F1thing was in the net, this was quickly followed by one of the small (14oz)  carp that came out of lake 4, this was followed by a 3 oz roach. A flash in the pan, as that was to be the last of the fish acrossmon pellet.  The meat and paste lines proved to be fruitless, so an early look down the RH margin to brambles. This gave two, fish in 3 put ins, both small (2lbish)  and a lost foul hooker, so, perhaps it wouldn't be too bad a day....... Nope, that was the only fish taken from the margin, despite regular drop ins and feeding.

I hadn't taken the caster out the bag at the start, but a couple of hours in,  out they come along with another rig, this time a malman winter wire with an 18 on 0.12. The caster produced an instant response, but a couple of fish were lost due to the 0.12 hooklength, with a couple landed, including two 1lb or so Perch.  It really was pergatory, hours 4 and 5 being fishless, despite sitting for half an hour on maggot over the two caster lines and trying single, double and triple down the margin.

The last hour saw another fish on caster and a couple on meat, but they were small, whereas Tim Clark was catching at an equally slow rate, but his fish were  4 or 5 times the size.

My meagre efforts went 39lb odd of carp and just over 5lb for the two perch, 2 F1's and solitary roach, so just over 45lb total, which was enough for 3rd in section and the end of my series.

I can see little point in returning to Landsend, whilst I have no problem with Mike Duckett and I like the location and solitude, it seems to have plenty of fish, but at least as a summer venue, thats me finished with it, as its a total waste of pools and petrol money, from a personal perspective.

For the results see Tony's blog.

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