Sunday, 22 February 2015

Landsend Winter League R4. Sunday 22nd February 2015

Lets start with the good points about today, usual good breakfast, some good company amd banter and when I got home, a few beers and a kebab for tea, perfect.

Now the bad stuff, drew peg 29, which as anyone who knows how the venue has been fishing will know that it is probably one of the 1/2 dozen pegs that you really don't want to draw.  Had it not been a series, given the horrendous forecast, I doubt I would have gone to the peg, there are times when flogging a dead horse is pointless.

For company on 28 I had Trigger, who was equally disappointed to draw here, we knew we were fishing for an also ran place before we started.  I decided to fish 4 lines, one right across, no feed, just dobbing visible baits like prawn / white maggot. One down the shelf feeding caster, one at 11m which was fed with groundbait and a margin line.

The margin line was biteless, the groundbait line produced two roach that went about 2 drams each, so no more about them.  The line across produced a perch that went 1.14 on prawn and a lost carp, which I am sure was foul hooked.  The line down the shelf produced two carp, both small and a couple of lost fish, which if they were carp, no big deal, if they were big perch, they could prove expensive.  The fish were all caught in the first hour, the lost fish were hooked at 1.00, 1.30 and 2.00. A boring day, which was made worse by watching the 'usual pegs' bagging.  The opposite bank section was won with a typical accomolished display by Tony Rixon, 213lb, the next weight in his section was 13lb.

My pitiful effort went just over 10lb for last in section ( Trigger had a carp, foul hooked, bigger than my two little 'uns put together).  The only saving grace was my perch gave me second in silvers section, so I now have two wins, a second and a last in section for silvers, meaning that my only chance of claiming some overall coin is to concentrate on the silvers.

I didn't get the results, so Ken's blog for them.

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bob said...

Why do ALL you bloggers never get the results when youve had a bad day?