Monday, 17 June 2019

Acorn League, Saturday 15th June 2019

This will be short and sweet.  Went to Acorn as a stand-in today, I drew 31 which had won the section last time, I wasn't sure which peg it was so checked, as it hasn't got a pallet, this means an extra section of pole and it pretty much rules out the margins.

It started slowly for me and I was struggling to hold 14.5m of pole, as my back was bloody agony, it got worse and worse and I just couldn't concentrate, I didn't have any pain killers, so with just under 3 hours gone, I decided I would have to pack up and go home, not something I do lightly, but I couldn't concentrate.

Apologies to those involved, I certainly don't make a habit of it and it was a shame to see some negative comments about me giving Callum Dicks extra space by going, before anyone asked the reason why.

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