Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Viaduct Open Wednesday 7th July 2010

I had planned to get a few of the Thursday cost cutter matches at Viaduct under my belt, before taking on the big boys in the mid week and weekend opens. But as there was nothing else I fancied, I decided to bite the bullet and be fleeced of my £25 by the venue experts in this pole only match.

No cafe for me this morning, a healthy breakfast at home to start the day and then the 50 minute trip to Viaduct, although it was nearly made an hour and 50 minutes by a dodery old pensioner driving at 28MPH in a 60 limit, luckily I managed to get past before my blood pressure got to an unhealthy level.

Tony Rixon drew the golden peg out before the draw, 119, I was about quarter of the way back in the draw queue and plucked out 119, the first time I've ever drawn a golden peg!! Apparently the peg had won a match held the day before, not a good thing in my opinion, how often do the fish move or back off if they've been hammered the day before.

I set up more rigs than I would use, just because I had the time, a paste rig, a rig for pellet on the deck which consisted a MW slim power on 0.17 and a PR36 18, a rig for pellet or meat down to the right, a MW power margin on 0.19 and a 14 B960 on 0.17 for meat or pellet. Two shallow rigs, both 0.17 with PR36 18 on one and a B960 16 on the other, for hair rigged pellet. As it happened, these were the only rigs I needed to set up.

I started at 14.5m shallow and after 20 minutes without a bite, I switched to 16m to my right, I had two small carp on this line, one on meat, one on 8mm hard pellet, meat was a waste of time, being taken from the hook with unhitable bites.

After an hour I was still on two fish, I could see Andy Power on 115 catching well, shallow, so I had a look back on the shallow rig at 14.5m, I started catching on this and caught until the whistle, I had to go to 16M to keep the fish coming, towards the end of the match the size of the fish got bigger, shame they didn't show up earlier. I could see that Andy Power on 115 had caught steadily all match and in all honesty, I doubt even if I had got it right from the off that I could have matched his 66 fish for 294.03. My 39 fish went 192.10 a new personal best match weight and enough to take 2nd place. Andy had ripple in front of him most of the day, I only had it for a couple of short periods and this was when I caught best, so I'll have to start packing a wind machine in my bag.

An enjoyable day, I'll be back at Viaduct tomorrow for the Thursday costcutter.

1) Andy Power 294.03 peg 115
2) Chris Fox 192.10 peg 119
3) Mash Massheder 179.14 peg 97
4) Alan Oram 161.01 peg 132
5) Ray Hayward 140.02 peg 129
6) Glen Bailey 133.03 peg 78

1) Bendan Currie 48.14 peg 111
2) Paul Blake 38.03 peg 118
3) Rich Coles 36.09 peg 96

* I had a bollocking from Rich Coles today, apparently I put Dave Roper down as Joint silvers winner on the Sunday in my blog for the Trinity festival, when in fact it was Rich. At least some one reads it!! (I've changed it now Rich)


tony rixon,s days out said...

i take it the b 960,s were ok today

Chris Fox said...

B960's - they're the mutts nuts .... thanks for the recomendation.