Friday, 23 July 2010

Avalon. Wednesday 21st July 2010

The midday draw was the clincher in me booking into this match at Avalon, although the lure of trying to get this place sussed was a close second. Its a shame that the weather men were so wrong again, light winds forecast - a hoolie blowing down the lake the actual scenario.

Peg 20 presented itself when I opened the card, I had various advice "the fish will go through the gap and you'll lose them" and "its a decent margin peg" are two that spring to mind.

Tackling up I set up two wagglers, one to fish shallow and one at depth, a lead rod and a pole, to fish 12.5m (the most I could hold in the wind) and the margins.

The waggler was a waste of time, as usual it needed to be tight and the wind was pulling awayfrom the island far too quickly, I had a couple of fish on it, but it was never going to produce a winning weight.

The lead produced a couple of fish, but it was slow, the only way I could get a bite was to fish a 4' hooklength. The pole at 12.5m produced nothing on the paste all match. I had fed pellets in the RH margin and meat in the LH, the LH produced nothing onpellet, one fish on paste and that was the sum toatal of bites or indications. The RH margin produced a couple of fish late on, on meat, but it was struggle to get bites.

My 53lb odd was never going to frame, as there were 3 ton plus weights from the earlier pegs and Craig Tucker, who should have been on a flight back to Afghanistan (he's a Marine), had 88lb+ from 24. Craig went back Friday morning to complete his 6 month tour, stay safe and see you back on the bank in a couple of months.

For the results, see Mr Rixon's blog.

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